Mobility_4, Gijón (May 2017)

  • The fourth mobility of our Project took place in Gijón (May 14 - 20, 2017)


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    Teacher's opinions

    Day 1 (Sunday, May 14th)

    Day 2: Monday (May, 15th)

    1) Morning session at school:

    2) Afternoon activity: Visiting Gijón

    European Mannequin Challenge I

    Day 3, Tuesday (May, 16th)

    1) Morning session at school

    2) Afternoon activity: Visiting Oviedo (Asturian capital city)

    Gymkhana in Oviedo

    Day 4, Wednesday (May, 17th)

    Surf baptism

    Day 5, Thursday (May, 18th)

    European Mannequin Challenge II

    Closure ceremony

    Day 6, Friday (May, 19th)

    1) School trip to the East of Asturias

    2) Farewell dinner