European Day of Languages

  • On Monday September 26 (2016), three of the schools involved in the Project shared a really interesting event related to the celebration of the European Day of Languages.

    In this video you can find a summary of the whole process:

    All the links (online videoconference on eTwinning Live included) were summarized on this Symbaloo (click on the image to access):

    Before the specific day, students from Belgium and Spain worked with their English and French teachers on their favorite words on each language.

    These are the English ones selected by the Spanish students:


    The European Day of Languages took place on Monday, September 26. It started with a web conference organized on eTwinning Live. After a short presentation from Gijón, Miek Dilissen (from Belgium) gave a talk with some interesting facts and figures related to languages. After that, students from Belgium and Spain (students from Hungary where there listening during the whole event) had the opportunity of talking to each other (first in English and, after that, using both Dutch and Spanish) The whole event was recorded:

    After the videoconference, students used the computers in order to enjoy some shared online activities:

    1. Split in two different groups, they used TitanPad to work together and complete some sentences (in English and in French)
    2. They used AnswerGarden to write down and share their favorite English and French words.
    3. Their favorite words were used to create these word clouds (using Tagxedo)

    Finally, students from both schools played Kahoot (with questions related to the lecture given by Miek Dilissen during the videoconference):




    The whole process finnished with an evaluation using Padlet