Netiquette rules

  • One of your tasks is creating some basic rules of netiquette for our Twinspace.


    Each country will write and share some basic rules of behaviour on our Twinspace.

    Then, in international teams and using Titanpad (how to), you will have to select the best rules of netiquette for our project (and, as a group, get ready to present and defend your point of view once in Budapest) 

    Groups for the task:

      Belgium Holland Hungary Spain
    Team 1 Tessie Santos Loubna Mounir András Rozs Lucía del Río
    Team 2 Cedric Urbain Sem Koolen Kristina Varsányi Elisa Galán
    Team 3 Mirte Gielen Gijs de Haan Anna Szunyoghy Sergio Estrada
    Team 4 Sancara Van Houdt  Alayssa Hansildar Emese Simon Adrián Estrada


    You can find your Titanpads in order to share and work together on the forums section of the Twinspace: Forum: Group 2, netiquette rules