• In order to share our students' work as much as sharing our experience with families, colleagues, and teachers, we propose:


    • An article in the Scientix's blog , participating to the 2021 STEM discovery campaign:




    • Dissemination in local and countrywide eTwinning events:


    • Presentation of the project as a keynote Speaker to the Mega Virtual International Conference 2021 by the theme "Multidisciplinary Hybrid Learning in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organised by University of Al Asyariah Mandar (Indonesia)


    • Presentation of the project as Plenary Speaker to the 11th Global Virtaul Conference on Multidisciplinary Trends in Academic Resarch with the theme "Converging and Diverging Paradigms and Approaches: Academic Resarch in a Changing World", organised by LEAD Philippines Global - Canada