Our working methodology

  • We agreed to use Problem Based Learning Method for this challenging project.

    The ones who don't know this teaching approach and its benefits, can have a look to this article on Edutopia, where the methodology is introduced and the importance (and the difficulty!) of a good choice of the project's driving question is clearly pointed out.

    These are the driving questions for the teams:

    1. How can we model the spread of the virus within a group? 
    2. What does “flatten the curve” mean? And how math is helping?
    3. Can we learn from the past? Can models of old pandemics be useful to avoid making errors and saving lives?
    4. When must be taken measures to contain the spread of a virus? The importance of contact tracing and how to identify reliable indicators.

    Teachers explained meaning and the impact of each question to their students who debated and came out with 4 teams for each country who will deep all of them, scaffolded by teachers and by the external tutors.