The ice-breaking videoconference

  • On December 11th we organized the first online contact between our students.

    The meeting was hosted on a Google.Meet session.

    This is the agenda of this synchronous event:

    Time Activity Who
    13:30-13:40 Introduction of the partner schools Teachers

    Mentimeter Survey 

    Each student has to go to and type the code: 93 12 857


    International teams meet decide their name: they should prepare a short report.

    Here the links to the file where each international team can work and write the report:

    Team 1 with DQ "How can we model the spread of the virus within a group?

    Team 2 with DQ "What does “flatten the curve” mean? And how math is helping?"

    Team 3 with DQ "Can we learn from the past? Can models of old pandemics be useful to avoid making errors and saving lives?"

    Team 4 with DQ "When must be taken measures to contain the spread of a virus? The importance of contact tracing and how to identify reliable indicators."


    International teams collaborate on the forum to answer a quiz about their towns/regions. The team with the best average score will win the competition, so it is very important each member of the team collaborate, helping their foreign mates to answer correctly to the questions.

    This is the link to the quiz.

    Team 1 can cooperate here

    Team 2 can cooperate here

    Team 3 can cooperate here

    Team 4 can cooperate here

    Teachers decide the teams names, depending on the choices of the teams and their explanations.

    Students and Teachers
    14:20-14:30 Next steps:
    • Deadline for uploading on eTwinning:
      1. the pictures for the logo composition → Friday 8th Januar y
      2. the videos about area/region/famous people/food
    • Getting in touch with the challenge (January)
    • Q&A to experts (end January)


    International teams' names should be chosen by students teams in a range of famous scientists: