Team Lamarr

  • Hi everybody! We're team Lamarr and we're going to present to you how much we can learn from the past and how the develop of science has changed the things.

    This is our final infographic prepared collaboratively using Canva.

    We decided to focus mainly on the epidemic that is affecting us today, COVID-19 and the Spanish flu, considered the worst pandemic in history and analise the similarities and the differences between these two. Among the similarities we have identified the rapid spread of the disease, some symptoms, the measurements against it in order to flat the curve and the fact that in both children are not very affected. The majority of the differences are due to the lack of medical and scientific knowledge in 1918: scientists weren't able to identify the virus, isolate it, produce vaccines and know the detailed number of deaths and infections. 

    Then, we decided to discuss how prevent measurements have influenced the pace of the epidemic in the various countries. We have noticed that all three countries (Italy, Spain and France) have taken the same measurements and have had similar results. The most common and useful measurement also taken during Spanish flu are: isolation, masks, hand wash, cleaned surfaces, etc. E-twinning project has been a possiblity for us to share ideas with other people from another country, learn how to communicate remotly, practice the english language, know more about this new situation that is affecting us and study past epidemics in order to understand better what is happening, why certains measurements are taken and recognise the importance of science.