Four international teams, one single big class: experts' videoconferences

  • The pandemic situation, while causing many problems and grief, has however accustomed students and teachers to work online, which eTwinners have already been doing for years.

    For this project we decided to use the possibility of remote connection to open our classes to the contributions of experts and allow our students to participate all together in lectures held by experts on topics strictly related to the project.

    In this way, the walls of the classrooms or of the house (for students who have online classes) don't exist any more and we can share a single big European classroom.

    The first videoconference was held on Friday January 29th from 15:00 to 16:00: Dr. Marinella Lavelli, pediatrician and expert in immunology, gave a lecture on "Covid19: clinical and epidemic profile".

    The second lecture was given on Thursday 25th February by Dr. Alejandra Cabaña, Professor of Mathematics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Statistics. Alejandra talked about the mathematical approach for the understanding of pandemic.