Final online meeting: share knowledge and discussion about the work done in the project

  • On Friday May 21st at 15:00 the international teams met all together to share what they learn with all the partners and to discuss about the results with teachers, mates and stakeholders.

    The videoconference was hosted by the Spanish school on Google.Meet.

    Here you can read the meeting's agenda:


    Teams presentations (6 minutes per team: each national team has to speak 2 minutes)


    International teams answer questions (the ones who didn’t speak have to answer, or the ones who want to challenge themselves)


    Students play a Kahoot game prepared by teachers on the project's results


    Students answer to a satisfaction survey at this link:


    Final chat between partners and farewell party



  • Feelings at the end of the project: post here your feelings and everything you like to share with partners!

    Dear compagnions

    We would like to thank you for your amazing participation to this project. It was incredible and we will leave this project with many priceless and amazing memories.
    It was truly a great experience.

    Thanks everyone !!!

    Main learnings

    We've learned about the SIR model, the R factor, how to use spreadsheets and Python to implement moldels, etc. But, from my point of view, the most relevant learning has been how to remotely collaborate with mates from other schools and how to overcome all the challenges (i.e. language, differences in maths' knowledge, different strategies and tempos).
    We did it! And results are really good!!!
    Thank you all!


    Thank you for this project, I really learned a lot about this subject!

    Thanks from Italy

    I want to thank you for have done this project with us, I learned a lot of things and i had a lot of fun doing this project, thank you very much all the partners for having shared your knowledge with us


    During this project, we learned how to collaborate with students from other countries and we learned something new about the importance of Maths in the prevention of Covid-19 spreading.
    Thanks everyone and greetings from Italy!

    Hi everyone!

    We have done an amazing project. It was a beautiful experience with others countries. Thanks everyone!

    Hi guys

    Finally the project is finished!
    This was an interesting experiment even though it was really difficult keeping contact with people that live so far away from us, anyway i can say that i'm happy and fullfilled now that we accomplished our goal
    Thanks and goodbye!

    Thanks from Italy

    I think that this project was very useful because we learned how to comunicate with people from other countries and to overcome the difficulties of the language! Thank you for this incredibile experience!!

    Hi everyone!

    We have done an amazing project. It was a good experience with other countries. Thanks everyone!


    Thanks everyone for this project, I have defintely learnt a lot about Maths!

    Thanks from Spain!!

    This projects has been very good, I think we all had a very good time doing it. I personally have learned a lot and the collaboration with the other countries has been great!! Thank you and goodbye :))

    Hi guys

    We finally finish the project. I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot of math. Thank you goodbye

    Thanks for all!

    I want to say thanks all the people that participated in the project I think is a good experience and we all learn good thinks of the other cultures, thinks of maths...
    I think it was a good experience


    I had a lot of fun doing this project even if sometimes it was a little bit stresfull, it was really interesting, thank you!!!!

    Thanks :))

    It’s been a pleasure working with you, it’s true that maybe it would be great to work with a different topic cause it seems that the pandemic is the only important thing and it’s not. But, apart from everything’s been interesting and we’ve learned lots of thing about the spread of the virus. So it’s bees useful.
    Thank you all again, I hope we meet someday in person.

    Hi mates!

    We enjoyed a lot doing this project with you alls, we learned a lot.Thanks guys, see you soon !


    This projet was a great experience, we learn a lot with you about the covid pandemic 19. Thanks for all, see you soon.

    Goodbye From France

    It was a very interresting projet and I enjoyed being here with y'all <3

    Bye from France ;)

    Hi, everybody !! It was a very cool experience and it was nice to share this project with you all !! Do a common project with students from others countries was a good idea.
    Thank you !!