R & D - Presenting information

  • Focusing on the importance of being able to present information about a topic and the different approaches according to the media used and/or the audience it is addressed,  the 5 partners explored a different facet and presented it during the meeting held in Montemor-o-Novo at March 2017.

    Follow the links to see the presentation of each partner:

    Civil Ensign of Croatia.svg   Journalistic approach for presenting a topic (e.g "A few facts about bees")

    Flag of Poland.svg   Scientific articles presented at the internet

    The Greek and Portuguese partners studied the academic approach of presenting information in a scentific article. Considering that the majority of our students will continue in academic studies we thought that it is of high importance to approach how a scentific article is written.  So, the 2 partners collaborated in preparing a "peer teaching" session for students teaching each other how to write a scentific article during the meeting held in Montemor-o-Novo at March 2017.

    Flag of Portugal.svg   Worksheets Literacy Tasks ,eg. Task 1: Good Practices for an Abstract accompanied by the Sample article for reference

                    For future memory, a 1st Aid kit on Structure, Approach, Objective and Language of Scientific articles

        Booklet Becoming a scientific writer   accompanied by the Sample article for reference

    [3D video of the peer teaching session. Scroll up/down, left/right to change the viewpoint.]

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    During the meeting in Portugal, in march 2017, a scientific experiment was conducted, at Hercules Center - University of Evora, concerning the phenolic content and antioxidant activity of apple juice and apple extract. Making use of the content of the peer teaching session decribed above, the international group of students made a brief presentation of the experiment, results and major conclusions. The peer teaching session was later on multiplied at a 12th grade class, in Montemor-o-Novo, and this class then wrote the final scientif article of the experiment.