4. Science topics

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    New Materials

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    SCIENCE PART (BI) - 1.pdf

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    Climate change

    Group 2.pdf

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    Atoms, elements, the periodic table

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    Ideal planets

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    Science article group 8

    Editable Science article group 8


    The Science Topics in your group

    Did you like the  articles proposed by the other schools? Say why you liked them, or point out something they wrote which was new information for you, or say whether you consider that article relevant and why.

  • Write a comment on one of the articles that you have read

    Brétigny group 3 by Iñigo Z.

    I really liked the subject of the article. I didn't know that information about the butterflies and it was really interesting!

    Bretigny group 6 by Haizea, Iker and Xabier

    We liked it lot! We found really interesting to know more about Dolly, the ewe, and we learned a lot about cloning. We didn’t know that they made more experiments with other animals, so that was very relevant for us. Thank you for sharing it!

    Brétigni group 5 by Imanol

    It was a really interesting topic. I didn't know anything about Thédore and now I know that was a really good person. I really like the article

    Brétigny group 5, by Naiara

    I really liked your article. It is interesting! I didn't know anything about this explorer. We would have liked if you have talked about what he did on his expeditions, but the article is still great.

    Bilbao Group 8 by Valentin, Naiara and Julia

    That planet can be a substitute of the Earth because its temperature is adequate for us and it is near to our sun because and receives the same energy. But only the time and investigation will say if this planet is perfect for live.

    Brétigny group 3 by Julia

    I found the article very interesting with all the information you have put in. After read the article I had learn how the UV can affeted us . Very good article!

    Brétigny group 1 by Joritz and Garazi.

    We really enjoyed reading your article, it was really interesting! By chance, we also wrote an article on the same topic. However you wrote some really interesting information we didn't add, you did a fascinating job!

    Brétigny Group 7 by Aitana

    I liked the article and how you have developed the topic. It was the same topic that we have worked but in a different way, which I have found really interesting.

    Comment on the article of Brètigny group 7 by Gaël R

    Although the topic may not the most interesting subject, the way of explaining the ways of how to do the test is really good. I truly think that nowadays we should be careful of the fake news and pieces of information like this one are really helpful. Good job!

    Brétigny group 4 by Iñigo S.

    It was an amazing topic! I knew little things about Nuclear power, I only knew the process to obtain it, but now, I know some characteristics which I didn't imagine (for example, that it doesn't pollute) And also the only nuclear accident I knew was the accident of Chernobyl. So I liked that you spoke about another one. In short, I liked it a lot, thank you for sharing it!

    Brètigny group 4 by Leire

    I think that is a good and interesting topic to talk , I didn't knew a lot about it, but now I know more things. I really like it, you did very good job! I really enjoy it.

    Brétigny group 4 by Nico

    What an incredible topic! I didn’t know anything about Nuclear energy and now I feel like I know a lot. It was really interesting. Thank you.

    Brétigny group 2 by Jon and Denise

    We have liked the text because we think it speaks about interesting and very important things, such as the animals in danger of extint, the ones who are threaned and the sea-level rise. Those three topics are very important to understant why the climate change is affecting the whole globe and how important would it be to stop it.

    Barcelona grp 5 by Amel, Tifaine, Mélina

    It was a really complete and fluid topic. We liked to read this article. It was really interesting. We didn't know that the expeditions were as much developed.

    Barcelona groupe 7 by Antonio and Yasmine

    The subject is interesting, it taught me things about the PCR technique more accurately. "PCR has radically reduced the time and number of steps required to create large quantities of DNA for use in multiple applications”. I think the subject is really well explained and summed up.

    Barcelona group 8 by Ayomide, Thibaut and Noah

    We really liked the text. It's true that the Earth is a fantastic place to live because all elements are gathered for our well-being. We discovered a new habitable planet which is named LHS 1140b, scientists could change its name by a better name. We enjoyed the specification of your work. Thank you for sharing your article!

    Barcelona group 6 by Evan, Celia and Emeline

    We found your article very fascinating and interesting. We didn't know that there was manipulation or genetic modification and this is incredible. Your article is really well done and nothing is missing.
    Very good article!

    Bilbao group 1 by Doua, Tatiana and Candela

    You did a good job.It contains excellent and interesting information.It is remarkable that they are interested in the subject of graphene and have been able to extract the information from the pages.

    Bilbao group 4 by Denisse and Katheryn

    We found it an interesting text, since we had no knowledge of this. After reading it we investigated more on this subject, so thank you for sharing it with us

    Bilbao group 3 by Dennis, Gabriel, Omar and Ronaldy

    The whole group liked the information about black holes, since in the future it could make it easier for us to benefit from the expelled energy when they expand in all directions.

    Group 3 by assia

    I really enjoyed reading your article about the black holes because I learned a lot of things on it. I think it was very interesting and great topic.