1. Present your group

  • Present Your Group!

    Now that you have made groups, you are ready to present yourselves to your partners. They will have to create questions out of the presentations to include in the app.


    1) Use genial.ly to create a presentation about your group. Your presentation must include information about

    • Yourselves
    • Your school
    • Your city
    • Your country.

    2) You can include videos, sounds, images and texts. But remember what we have learnt about images and videos and check again how to upload them onto Twinspace.

    3) Make it attractive so that your partners will be happy to read it.

    4) When it is ready, post it on the Twinboard below.

    HELPING TIP: You can watch this short presentation about geniall.ly:

     If you want to learn more, you can find tutorials online or ask your teachers to help you.

  • Post you presentations here (don't forget to indicate your group number and country)

    FRANCE group 6

    Célia, Evan and Emeline

    SPAIN (Bilbao) group 3

    Julia and Iñigo

    SPAIN (Bilbao) group 4

    Iñigo, Nico and Leire

    Spain (Bilbao) Group 5

    Naiara, Andrea and imanol

    SPAIN (Bilbao) group 8

    Mikel, Asier, Uxue

    France groupe 5

    Amel, Tifaine and Mélina

    France group 7

    Yasmine, Antonio and Amirouche

    FRANCE group 8

    Ayomide, Thibaut and Noah

    Spain (Bilbao) group 2

    Jon and Denise

    Spain (Bilbao) group 7

    Martina, Gaël, Aitana

    SPAIN (Bilbao) group 6

    Haizea, Iker, Xabier

    Spain (Bilbao) group 1

    Garazi and Joritz

    FRANCE group 1

    Tiffen, Liya and Helena

    FRANCE group 3

    Asia, Océane, Emma

    FRANCE group 2

    Sofia, Mathéo and Noa

    France groupe 4

    Valentin and William

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 2

    Essam, Ignasi, Luis and Nayara

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 8

    Alícia, Mireia and Valentin

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 5

    Júlia, Naiara and Oriol

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 1

    Doua, Candela and Tatiana

    SPAIN (BARCELONA) group 4

    Denisse and Katherine

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 3

    Dennis,Omar, Ronaldy, Gabriel

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 6

    Nico, Lucía and Yassin

    SPAIN (Barcelona) group 7

    Sergi O, Sergi F and Daniela (Sergi O for the time being)