Bilbao-Brétigny (April 28th)

  • April 28th 2021: Bilbao - Brétigny

    Spanish students (in class) met French students (at home) for a very nice videoconference. Despite technical problems, we made it!!!

    Below, have a look at the organisation of the conference and at the pictures of the students together.




  • What's your opinion about our videoconference? What was best? What can we improve next time? (Sign only with your first name)

    Noah (France)

    It was good but the sound issues were annoying.
    The best was that we finally met our Spanish partners, put a face on them. We talked a little about how they live in their country and about music, we heard Spanish music.

    Thibaut (France)

    I think it was fine because we could discover members of our group and share our experience about music but it was also complicated because there was noise behind them and we couldn't hear every thing. I really liked the experience despite it was short. The best moment was when they made us listen to their music and vice versa. I also likes when they showed us a part of their high school and we could see the "Ria de Bilbao". I liked the topic (music) because it was interesting to discover their experience about it.
    I think it's important to have a topic because thanks to this, we weren't lost.

    Emeline (France)

    We were able to discover the class and the faces of our correspondents. I was able to get to know our correspondent. I was able to learn English with pleasure . We were able to allow our correspondents to know us better. Our topic of discussion was well chosen. But the correspondent did not have a microphone so we were not able to speak much between us

    Tiffen (France)

    It was a very enjoyable experience, and the students were very cool. The best was that we could talk with new people and had the chance to discover a lot from their country. The students were very friendly and funny, so the experience was very fun. Maybe next time it would be better if the students in class would wear headphones because there was quite a lot of noises so we could'nt always hear them.

    Antonio (France)

    The best about it was the communication and of learn about each other in this activity, also exange our cultures,learn about their as well. We could improve it by fixing the micro problems and aving more time to talk and do the work. But the short session was already pleasant.

    Mathéo (France)

    Spanish partners are very nice ! My partners are interested in me and by our projects. Like I'm flute player and piano player, I play sound for my partners and we have speak with questions and about the spanish high school. It was a very good experience and they are very cool. It's a positive experience because it's rare to speak with strangers and spanish people. Good job !

    Célia (France)

    The best was when everyone showed up with the cameras. We were finally ablet to see the face of our Spanish partners and it was funny too.
    The next time, we can do a small group project during the visio or mix groups. We can do a video conference in a school, and show them.

    Ysamine (France)

    I think it is great to see and talk to each other after we have been working with them. The best about it was that we could ask anything and they were able to ask us any questions. Therefore, we learned about their culture, country, activities and they learned about ours. Next time, we could improve it by (all of us) wearing headphones to avoid the uncomfortable noises and we could take a little more time.

    Tifaine (France)

    I thought it was fine because it allowed us to meet the other students we work with.
    The best thing about this experience was being able to meet the other students, discover them and learn more about them. It allowed us to get to know who we were working with and that was a good idea.
    It could be improved by telling students who are in class to take headphones to avoid echoes. Otherwise, I found the rest of the organization well and I don't have anything else to add to try to improve it.

    Evan (France)

    it's interesting to be able to talk with Spanish people and get to know their tastes or their opinion. I discovered that I had a lot in common with them.
    It's already good but it would be necessary that the people of Spain are not all gathered in the same place because to hear them was difficult.

    William (France)

    it was fun to speak with foreigners because they are special and we dont do it everyday and they became my friends event if my computer doesn't work

    Valentin (France)

    The video conference was something new and fun but there was too much noise to understand all what they were saying.

    The best thing was that immediately after the beginning of the class, they were talking constantly and they were very friendly and that helped us for talking to them.
    I think, for the next conference, a good thing is to give a little bit more time to just chat because, while we were all in lockdown, we had no one to talk to and speaking to other people, even in another language, feels good.

    Iñigo Z. (Botikazar)

    There were lots of technical problems and most of the time we couldn't understand what they were saying. In addition, our group wasn't able to talk with the french group because of difficulties. But in the end, it was fun when we could talk with the French, and it was nice to see their faces.

    Resolving all the technical problems so that they don't happen again. In addition, it would be nice also if the links were given to us in advance to enter the rooms as fast as possible.

    Aitana (Botikazar)

    I really liked the experience.
    I really liked it because I found it very interesting to get to know different people. I really liked to have the opportunity to know more about France and how it works. Also we did other different questions which I found interesting such as; their daily life and Covid stuff.
    At first it was a little bit of a mess because we were a lot of people but I understood that it wasn’t easy because we were a lot of students. Next time I would like to be able to have more time to speak with the other students

    Xabier (Basque Country)

    It was nice to meet the french people but there were a lot of technical issues. At first, we got to meet everyone from France and each person said something about themselves so that we could know a little more about them. It was fun to see their faces and to hear their french accent. The overall class was well prepared but next time I would try to improve the technological area, to avoid wasting time on these issues. Hearing the other students was also difficult, so that’s another thing to take into consideration. Apart from that, I liked the activity and it was a fun experience.

    Leire Botikazar

    I really like the experience
    Because I like meeting new people and know things about them.
    In my opinion, the best thing is meeting with our group of French and knowing them, asking about their personal life and having fun with them.
    I thing if it is possible having more time to talk to them and more regularly because it has been very interesting.

    Haizea (Botikazar)

    It was fine because it was useful so as we could talk with other people that have other accents. We were able to talk with other people and know what they like. Also practice a bit of English. Maybe if the connection between us was better we could talk to them more and also more fluently but either ways it was a good experience.

    Jon (Bilbao)

    I really like the experience. I think that is was cool because we enjoyed a lot talking with french people and we also laughed a lot. In my opinion, the best thing about the videoconference was that we talked with people from France face to face, and there wasn’t a lot of embarrassment. We talked about what we do outside school, and Matheo played the piano for us. For the next time we should make the first part of the conference, when we presented each other, from only a computer in order to don’t allow the sound to go from every micro, and to be able to hear the french people. Besides, I also think that the second part was funny too. For example, we talked with Matheo, we changed our instagram accounts and we talked in the afternoon too.

    Iker (botikazar)

    It has been an interesting experience because we got contact with people from abroad. We were able to have a stable conversation about the topic and to met new people from different countries.
    I think that we could improve in audio and with devices, like to have all prepared to hear the others well.

    Iñigo S. (Botikazar)

    I really liked this experience because it is a different thing from the normal lessons which we usually do. And it was a good experience to meet new people. In addition as they were from France, we could learn little about their culture.

    The best thing about the conference was when we divided in a different chat per group. It was the best thing because when we were all in a chat, we couldn’t hear anything so we didn’t enjoy that part too much. But se enjoyed when we were alone with our french group, because they welcomed us quite nicely.

    Here are some suggestions: You may have to try the audio before the conference because we couldn’t hear them sometimes and also suddenly irritating noises were heard. Finally you should consider making some games to make the conference more funny and interesting.

    Uxue (Spain)

    I really liked the videoconference, I think it is a good experience to get to know people from other countries.
    The best part was when we divided into smaller groups, because we had the chance to have a better conversation with them.
    The thing I would improve is the first part of the conference, when we joined the call all together. There were sound problems and we couldn't hear their descriptions well.


    I really like the conference. Personally I think that doing a videoconference with people from another country was a really interesting activity and I have a great time.
    As it is obvious the best thing about it was knowing the people that was working with us.

    However it was very difficult to understand the French people so one advice could be telling people to bring earphones

    Garazi (Botikazar)

    It was nice to do something different from what we normally do. Besides, it was really interesting to meet the French people and get to know them. They were really friendly :) Honestly, what I liked the most about the videoconference was the fact that all of us, both the French and the Botikazar students, made an effort to express ourselves in English. I enjoyed the group talk a lot because I found it more comfortable than the general one.

    Joritz [Bilbao]

    I liked the experience but I feel like it would have been much better if we could hear what they said properly.

    The people we talked with were nice and we were able to maintain a conversation using the topic given, it was interesting to know more about the city they lived in.

    Maybe for the next time finding a better environment where we are able to hear and speak more clearly would be good. Or maybe we could use headphones.

    Liya (France)

    I liked the visio but because of many problems we didnot understand everything. The fact that we could for the first time speak with each other was cool and we Learn many new things about Bilbao. Like the fact that it's a touristic city.

    I liked the visio but because of many problems we did not understand everything. The fact that we could for the first time speak with each other was cool and we learnt many new things about Bilbao, like the fact that it's a touristic city. To improve the activity, students can also add each other on social media ; like that it's sure that we can still in touch.

    Noa (France)

    The best was to discover our pen pals ... It was a lot of fun: they were super nice and funny. If we had to do it again, I will do it again without hesitation. For the next time we should try to organize a little game: it would allow us to get to know them better and have fun together.

    Amirouche (France)

    It was good to talk with our penpals from Bilbao. The best I think it was to discover the difference between France and Spain with the school : the celebrities and probably the personalities of the Spanish students. To improve the conference, we could make a game against every group like a quiz, a werewolf party or a blind test challenge.