3. Meanwhile in French math class

  • During French math class, the objective is to create an app compatible with Android devices. To this purpose, we use the website x.thunkable.com where the students can design and program the app. This app will be divided into 3 parts:

    -> a quiz about the students, their towns and schools : using the presentation pages, each group create a quiz about the others.

    -> a quiz about maths: questions can be about history of mathematics (and mathematician), puzzles, math theorems or academic mathematics.

    -> an audioguide about science stuff. It's possible to add audios on the app so the students will record themself about different topics to create a king of science audioguide.

    Example of a quiz design:

    Example of the coding section:

    After each programming step, a student can test their app using the "Preview" button and see if all is working as intended.


    Informatic skills are very closed to mathematical logic. Designing the app is not as easy as it looks. Students must think of dividing the space into rows and columns to put the different layouts (button, text...). The coding section is also quite challenging, in particular the implementation of a score variable recording gained points question after question.