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  • Writing our Profile. Why? How?

    What is a STUDENT PROFILE? WHAT do we make it FOR?

    A student profile gives basic information about you, so that the other students from other countries, who do not know you as those of your class, may get an idea about you.

    What should we write in our profile?

    If you are going to work with other students, you must know a little bit about them first. How old are they? What do they like? Where do they study? But in fact, you decide which information to give. Remember, all the people in the project (including your teacher(s) can see it (so don't write what is too personal for you)


    Can we add a photograph? What alternatives are there?

    It is better not to add your own personal photograph. You could also take a photograph you like, but if it is not yours, you must respect copyright and be sure that you don't need  the author's consent and you quote your sources. (see Using Images from Internet for more information)

    Another interesting possibility is to create an avatar (You may know that word from computer games) An avatar is not a photo, but it is a representation of you. There are many programs to create avatar, and some of them can be used freely, (as My Blue Robot and others)

    How can we write my profile?


    Any more questions?

    Just ask your teacher(s) for help, they will be delighted to do so!

  • Students working on their profile

    In Timbaud, Brétigny France

    Students are creating avatars for their profiles. Will you be able to recognize them behind their masks?