A.- Schedule

  • Activities





    November 2nd -November 14th

    Presentation of the project

    Discovering the Twinspace

    Letters to the parents (authorization to publish photos and videos)


    Filling in the profile pages

    Creation of the international groups 


    Making the students aware of image rights.


    November 15-30th

    Students present themselves, their schools, their cities, their counties

    Genially presentations


    Students watch the Genially presentations and write questions so that a collaborative quiz is created.


    In each multinational team, French students use the information from Bilbao to make questions / Students from Bilbao => Poland / Poland => Barcelona / Barcelone => France 

    Google Doc (one for each international team)


    January /February

    Working on collaborative sciences topics (this part has to be discussed with Silvia). 1 different topic for each group (or  a common topic) 



    Writing and illustrating science collaborative stories


    These stories should be science-related with a connection to the topic of each group.


    Each story will be in four parts (one part for each country)


    Each group will start two stories at the same time.


    Week 1 : 


    Bilbao starts STORY 1

    France starts STORY 2


    Week 2 : 


    Poland continues STORY 1

    Barcelona continues  STORY 2


    Week 3


    France continues STORY 1

    Bilbao continues  STORY 2


    Barcelona illustrates the beginning of STORY1 Poland illustrates the beginning of STORY 2


    Week 4 : 


    Barcelona finishes STORY 1

    Poland finishes STORY 2


    Bilbao illustrates the third part of STORY 1 

    France illustrates the third part of  STORY 2



    Dissemination: creation of the app and of an ebook gathering the 16 stories




    Extra activities

    Logo competitions : volunteers make logos for the project


    Then, all the students vote for the best logo.

    Students can hand-draw or use CAD