Do you like Quizzes?

  • Do you like Quizzes? Have a look at the collage Denise and Jon prepared for you. They include the logos from Bilbao that were not selected for the final. Can you read these messages from us and join each logo with its group? Once you have got all of them, ask your teacher for the solution!


    GROUP 8


    We are Mikel, Asier and Uxue. Today in class we have chosen the best 2 logos of all the logos we made before. All of them are very interesting and beautiful so it has been very difficult for us to choose 2 of them. 

    The one that we have made has been chosen, and we have made a collage with the ones that have not been chosen; we are going to add it at the end of the post.

    We have seen the french logos and we think that they are very original.

    We can’t wait to know the final decision to see which is the winning logo.

    It would be awesome if you had also done some logos. We hope we will be working well all together.

    A greeting from us.


    GROUP 5



    We are Imanol, Naiara and Andrea.

    Today we have done a competition to choose two logos between all the class. It has been funny because we had some problems counting the points to choose the winners. From among our logos we have chosen 2 and 6, that is why they do not appear in the collage below. Our logo had not won so you could try to guess which one is ours.

    We have also seen your logos and their are all awesome it might be very difficult to chose only two. 

    Now we are waiting to see the Barcelona's ones 

    We hope you like this project.

    Naiara Andrea and Imanol


    GROUP 6

    Hello! We are Haizea, Iker and Xabier. Today we have elected two logos out of all the logos we did in our class. All of them were amazing and really creative, but we had to choose only two. Actually, one of the two selected is ours! We have made a collage with the rest of the logos, and as you can see they are all wonderful!


    GROUP 7

    Hi everyone! We are Gaël, Martina and Aitana. 

    Among our logos we have chosen two of them which we think are the best. Our logo wasn’t chosen because of some technical problems, but the other ones were really interesting and represent quite well the message of etwinning.


    Talking about the French logos, we think they have worked really hard to create them and we know it is going to be difficult to choose one among all of them.

    We are looking forward to seeing the final results and to know who the final winner will be.

    Hope you have enjoyed our logos and you’ve liked them.

    For now this is it,



    GROUP 4

    Hi everyone!!

    We are Leire, Iñigo and Nico, from Bilbao.  We have just chosen the best two logos from our class which are awesome. The one that weren’t selected are cool as well. It seems that creativity isn’t missing in this class! Sadly , ours haven’t  been selected, we made three and none of them were chosen, so you can see the logos here in the collage. I bet you can’t guess them.  We are only saying that 2 of them were made by hand


    GROUP 2

    Hi, we are Denise and Jon, two students from Bilbao.

    We have decided the two logos that will represent our class. Our logo was not selected but the ones selected are really beautiful. Our logo was a book with some letters and the etwinning logo inside. At the bottom, you’ll have a little collage with the logos of our class. We have seen your logos in the paddle and we have to say that they are really good looking. We really hope that Barcelona students choose one logo (we hope it’s one from Bilbao)

    Agur (bye bye in euskera), we really hope to continue working with you.


    GROUP 3

    Hi everyone! We are Julia and Iñigo and today we had a really interesting class. 

    Today we have reviewed the logos we’ve made for our eTwinning project and we selected the two best logos from our class. It was difficult to select just two logos, but we finally made a decision. 


    Sadly, our logo didn’t get selected, but you can find it in the logo collage we made. We won’t tell you which it is though, because you are going to discover it! The clue we are going to give you is that it represents a green chemical reaction.


    We also saw the logos made by the French group, and we were very surprised with them, as they were really original. We can’t wait to know your opinions about the logos we’ve made.

    We will keep in touch! 

    Iñigo & Julia


    GROUP 1


    Hello everyone! We are Joritz and Garazi. Today we have chosen 2 logos from all the logos made by the classmates. Unfortunately, our logo has not been selected so it is going to be in a collage with the rest of the non-selected ones. 

    Can you guess which one it is? We will give you a couple of clues: its design is minimalistic and we only used two colours; the yellow and blue.


    We have seen the French logos too and we think they are beautiful and original. 

    We are impatiently waiting for the final results from Barcelona :)

    We wish all of you good luck in this competition and may the best win!


    Now....Which logo belongs to which group?