Students Assessment Results

  • Assessment Results

    57 students out of about 64 who finished the schoolyear with us answered the survey. That means a participation of nearly 90%. Distribution is very similar among the three schools. Thanks to all!


    A) New and Interesting!

    For most students (everybody except 3) eTwinning was a mew experience. And the result is unanimous: everybody (old and new) found it interesting.

    B) Communicatiom is the key

    Communication with students from other countries is the aspect best valued by all. Nearly everybody (84%) selected that as one of their two options. The remaining three have similar figures and are selected in this order:

    - Cooperating with school classmates (36,8%)

    - Creating digital materials and using digital tools. (35,1%)

    - Learing about other cultures (29,8%)

    C) Improvement, despite some doubts

    A bit over half of the students felt their English improved clearly,

    and over a third felt it might have improved.

    Only a 15% thinks

    no improvement ocurred for them.

    Improvement of ICT skills, and

    of science knowledge are also mentioned,

    even if in a smaller proportion.

    Less than a 10% feel they didn't

    learn or change attitude towards science,

    and only 22% felt the same towards

    ICT techniques


    D) Satisfaction. Ready to repeat

    Most students are satisfied with their work. Just over half of them (52,6%) are really satisfied, while a 40% is just satisfied. Less than a 10% feel they should have worked better. Perhaps as a consequence, an appaling majority would be ready to repeat (93%)

    What are our students satisfied with? It's difficult to summarize 57 different answers...

    ...but the things that are most repeated are:

    Evolution of my English  - Collaborative stories

    Cooperation - Communication with other groups

    Presenting school and city - The application.

    Group, we have connected very well - Working with my coleagues

    Opportunity to work with people that speak a different language

    Presentation. - Science story.

    The things I learned about science - Able to work in time

    Quiz - My english skill

    the oral in english Logo competition



    E) Value given to the different activities

    Most activities receive more higher than lower marks. Students in purple did not participate on that activity.

    F) A different strong point for each person. ...And we always want more!

    Different students talked about different things as the strongest point of our project. Nearly everything was selected by some or by others: collaborative stories, communication, meeting foreign partners, eSafety, Science content, Logos and drawing, Group Work,... Videoconference was again the most selected option.

    They also found things to be improved: they would want more communication with the other countries and more videoconferences. Some would like more science content, others more games, many to devote more time to the project.


    As one of them summarizes it...

    This project is so cool !!!