8 - Safer Internet Day

  • "Together for a better internet"

         Using the Internet is something we do almost every day. We use it for all kinds of things: searching information, chatting with friends, posting stories on social networks, online shopping...

         But it's not always a safe place! Let's think about it and discuss the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe online.




    8A) With your flatmates, take part in a discussion about the dangers you can encounter on the internet and the good practices to stay safe online. Check your twinmails to get the link of your flat tricider.

    Deadline: 06/02 8 p.m

    8B) Create a collaborative document to present 3 ways to make the internet a safer and better place for all.

     - First go on the forum to discuss with your flatmates and decide what dangers / solutions you want to deal with and the type of document you will create ( poster, mind map, slideshow...). To make things easier and share the workload, you could even make smaller international groups as you did in the previous task ;) Deadline: 06/02 8 p.m

    - Then prepare your materials and texts for your final creation and upload them in your storeroom. Deadline: 08/02 8 p.m

    - On 09/02 the French will be in charge of creating the "Safer Internet day" presentation for their flat.

    8C) Publish your team poducts on your Flat subpage. Deadline: 15/02 8 p.m