5B- an event


    Organize an event / an activity in the eCity to bring generations together and allow all the residents to enrich one another.




    1) decide together in your Flats about the event and the benefits of this activity (you must use the FORUM) and post your team's decision on the Twinboard at the bottom of the page. Deadline: 13.11.2020 8:00 p.m

    2) promote your event via an interactive poster to inform the eCity citizens about the event you would like to organize. The deadline for creating your posters is 17.11.2020 8:00 p.m.


    the eCity events are READY >>>


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  • The event


    Post here your common decision about the event you would like to organize for the citizens of the eCity. Don't forget to write benefits of this event. The title of your post must be Flat No X.

    Flat 2

    Our event consists in organizing once every 2 years, the Olympic games between the different generations. The advantages of this event are as follows, it will allow different generations to meet but to practice sport with other generations (ex: relays between old people and young people or even puzzles where old people can or not help them. young people). It will therefore allow different generations to learn games, hobbies and sports or rules of sport from different generations, eras.

    Flat 9

    Our event is sit down at the confectioner´s, eat cake,drink tea and talk about memories. We can talk about our past,play cards and grandparents can talk about their formers live.It shows how different generations spend time together and have fun.It will be possible to intergate well others.We can organize it every week or month.

    Flat 4

    Our event is modern, original and special Christmas tradition: meeting the whole family at Christmas in the house of grandparents, having dinner together and the young people create a Christmas show to their grandparents with the new technology. The benefits of this event are: grandparents will be happy and thankful that they can spend time with their family, mainly on Christmas. It is good to spend time with our family. We will spend nice moments together. It will be perfect event and our grandparents will be proud of us.

    Flat 8

    Our event is a Photo day. Older generations can bring a bunch of their photos and show them around, tell stories about each picture or let the youth guess which one is them in the photo. It could be a great activity because the elders could tell their life stories and have fun while the younger generation can learn from them and their life or just listen and maybe ask some questions. This event also includes recreating the old photos in this new age which could also teach all generations how to work with old or new cameras.

    Flat 7

    Our event is a competition for the best family photo. The event would take place every year. Each family can choose their own theme (like disco,history or space), invite their relatives and especially have fun together.
    The benefits of this event are that we meet our family every year: our siblings, cousins, grandparents. It will create great and relaxed atmosphere. Families can also be nostalgic about what the photo shoot was like a year ago, two years ago etc.
    The family with the best photo will win the main prize of 500 euros and their photo will be displayed at the town hall.

    Flat 1

    Our event is an intergenerational game. It would be organized every 2 years, because families have to prepare for the event. It will be a competition between families. Families should teach each other their own abilities. (for example cooking, sewing or how to use the internet and so on.) The family who learns the most can win a prize. It is a nice way how to bring generations together. It would be beneficial, because everyone would learn something new, generations would become closer and someone could also win.


    Our meeting will be about the Christmas theme. Generations will gather and we will spend time together. Together we will bake gingerbread and cook the dishes. We will sing carols together and remember the past years. We can go for a walk in the open air together and have a nice day with our loved ones.

    Flatno6 .

    Flat no6
    For our family event, we would like to make an amazing family talent. Each family could present a show on the theme of their choice. At the end, we vote for the best family. With shows, there is a buffet for everyone.

    Flat 3

    Our event is a Memorial day, Elderly people can tell us about their youth and some of the stories theyve got to tell or show us things that they had when they were younger.