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    It is a great honour for the eCity to show you the campaigns

    done by the inhabitants.

    We would like to congratulate all the participants for their excellent work.


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    Lukas Stacho (SK) flat no.2 - Green score and Flat no.8 clothing industry video review

    My green score was quite good and i am all the more glad for it i knew most of the things that were in that Quiz and it was quite fun. Now for the video review. I liked flat no.8 video about fast fashion destroying the world most because its a real problem that we can resolve by not always buying new clothing and we also save money by doing that. The entire video has a good composition and is short but meaningfull.

    Bianka(SK) -flat2

    I like the video of flat number 4(Protect nature and think about the future). I like this video because I agree with everything and we should really think about the future. Green score: my green score turned out well in my opinion I liked the questions and it was nothing difficult.

    Lauren, Slovakia - flat 9

    I like video of flat 6 two faces of Earth. This video is very nicely done. It is also educational and i realy like it.

    Adam, Slovakia flat-5

    I really like the video: Saving Trees and the ecosystem in Amazonia from flat 8. It was very informative and interesting. I think that it is sad that we are destroying our planet and trees. My score from the quiz was 28/40, I think I need to work on some stuff but I am satisfied.

    Miroslav Pleva

    i liked the video "By protecting water, you protect yourself" because it made a lot of good points and its true that water is the most important thing on this planet . my green score was 22/40

    Daniel, Slovakia flat 8

    I enjoyed watching the video about Sea protection in Flat 3, I think the problem is demonstrated well. My green score was 27 points. I think my score is pretty good but I will keep improving.

    Samuel, Flat 6, Slovakia

    My green score was 29. I am satisfied with this result. I like video from flat 8 about amazonia, it was very interesting and i learned many things. The message of this video is that we have to stop destroying our planet.

    Katarina, Slovakia - flat 5

    I like video from flat.1 "Save the Earth by sorting rubbish!". The video is very pretty and simple. it have important message in it

    my green score is 32

    Sarah, France flat 1

    I love the video about the rainforest in the flat 4 because it is well done. With the short extract of nature and animals of the forest we are way more sensitive to the destruction of the rainforest.