6B- Be creative for Xmas

  • Well, it seems you all agree:  

    art makes us


    And right now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we particularly need to share happy moments, don’t you think so?

    We’d like to bring art and happiness in the eCity too. And it’s the ideal moment to do so, as Christmas is coming :)



    In each flat you’re going to create at least three "works of art" for Xmas in the eCity (it could  be a poem, a word cloud, a drawing, a song, photographs, a dance... ).

    The only  constraints are :

    • Your creations must be related to Christmas and the Holiday season.
    • Your creations must be made by students from at least two countries.

    But then just give free rein to your creativity!

    Follow the instructions you have received by Twinmail to decide on your creations, make groups and upload your work in your stroreroom.

    Deadline to decide on your creation and make groups : 06/12/2020 8 p.m.

    Deadline to upload your creations in your storeroom: 13/12/2020 8 p.m.

  • Making mixed subgroups in your Flats

    Flat N°1
    Flat N°2
    Flat N°3
    Flat N°4
    Flat N°5
    Flat N°6
    Flat N°7
    Flat N°8
    Flat N°9