4- Living together

  • Every year in Europe, the European Day of Languages is celebrated
    on September, 26th. 

    Europe is rich in languages and learning other peoples' languages is a way of helping us to understand each other better and overcome our cultural differences.

    We’d like to celebrate languages in the eCity too.




     Step 1  - With your flatmates choose a sentence in English. Your sentence must be related to the idea of living together, accepting differences and cultural diversity. For your communication and sharing your common decision use the FORUM (topic: Living together).
    DEADLINE: 09.10.2020 (8:00 p.m.) 

     Step 2  - Translate that sentence in your mother tongue  and teach your flatmates to say it and pronounce it properly (via online chat, or sharing sound files to your flatmates abroad: name the original files Slovak.mp3, or Polish.mp3 or France.mp3 via teamfolders named Storeroom -  the link to your folder is in your twinmail-box).
    DEADLINE: 13.10.2020 (8:00 p.m.)

     Step 3  - After learning how to say the sentence in another language, make a recording and upload your recording (mp3 file format) in Storeroom, so there will be 6 output files:  FRspeakSlovak.mp3, FRspeakPolish.mp3, POspeakSlovak.mp3, POspeakFrench.mp3, SLspeakPolish.mp3, SLspeakFrench.mp3
    DEADLINE: 17.10.2020 (8:00 p.m.) 



    Please have a seat and enjoy your team's creations:

  • Living together - final English sentences


    Post here ("Add item") the sentence you agreed in your Flat, don't forget to write your flat number.

    Flat No.2

    Life together with people from other countries is possible thanks to mutual respect.

    Flat No.8

    We understand each other, even if we are from different countries and cultures.

    Flat No. 4

    Everyone is different, but we accept each other.

    Flat No.6

    Even if we live in a different country let's respect each other and the other countries' cultures.

    Flat No.1

    We have different skin colours, languages, cultures and religions but inside, we are all equal.

    Flat No.9

    Everyone, regardless of skin color and cultural differences, should be treated with kindess

    Flat No. 7

    ,,We must learn to live together as brothers as perish together as fools” ~Martin Luther King

    Flat No.5

    The purpose of our lives is to be happy together.

    Flat No.3

    Let us be united despite our differences and our different cultures.