1- Introduction


    Dear European students,


    as you all know, we live in a digital world. Technology and computers have become essential in our lives. We have instant access to a digital world with just the click of a mouse. We always have our  phones and access to social media at the tips of our fingers. This is great and it really makes our lives easier, but there are potentially negative effects too. Some people even say that technology makes us less human....


    Does it mean we should live without technology? Of course not!

    We believe we should learn to live better in the digital world.


    This is the reason why we have decided to start a unique European challenge, called "The eCity challenge". And you have been chosen to take part in this amazing experience.



    For a few months you’re going to live in a virtual city with other European teens. You will have to collaborate, make decisions together and you will learn how to live in our digital world in a safe and responsible way.


    We hope you will enjoy this great project and we are convinced you will learn a lot!


    Yours sincerely,


    The eCity challenge organizers


    ==> check your Twinmails to know what you have to do now.