6C- Merry Christmas

  • Congratulations for your amazing works of art !

    We're happy to share them all in a special and unique Christmas book, so that all the inhabitants in the eCity can enjoy the magic of Christmas through your creations:)

    Don't forget to give feedback about it (at the bottom of the page).


    Our Christmas book is here (fullscreen):


  • Feedback (Christmas book)


    Share your impressions about your task and the other creations. Do you like their creations? What do you like the most? Tell us if you are satisfied with the collaboration for the task...
    Write a few sentences and don't forget to write your first name ONLY, your flat number and country.

    Lise, FRANCE - flat 6

    Our task went very well. There was a good understanding between the members of our team. The works of the other apartments are very beautiful and original.

    arthur, france - flat 2

    I think our task is good, because it is in the Christmas theme just like the music, and I found the collaboration to be quite good, despite a few problems, but overall it was good.
    My favorite creation was the recipe of nathan, damien, wiktoria and barbara, I found this recipe to be interesting.

    Paul, france, flat 2

    Our task represents Christmas. Our photomontages and our drawings mix several different genres such as video games (Christmas theme), landscapes, etc ...

    The other creations are very pretty, making a recipe is a great idea. Their creations are very successful.

    I mainly like Damien and Nathan's recipe because making Christmas shells is an excellent idea, and their recipe is excellent.

    For the collaboration in our task, it went rather well even if some people sent their messages too late for us knowing that we have the same time zone.
    but overall everything went well.

    Nina, Poland - flat 9

    I think despite some communication problems, our task went very well. Each of the creations is unique and beautiful in its own way, I really like all the works

    Damien, france - flat 7

    I found that our recipe was done properly because we first searched the recipe for our Slovak Christmas cake on the internet, (Christmas cake from another country), and then we made the cake. I liked the video of Arthur.L, Paul, Bianka and Gabriela on the theme of Christmas because I think there were lots of beautiful images and it was well edited, even if for me all the projects were really well done.

    Clément, FRANCE-flat 5

    Our task went very well, we respected the subject because we were in the theme of Christmas, a good understanding with our team members despite some communication problems.
    my favorite creation was that of clémence and ema from group 4, (the Christmas clip) because I like this song and that it is played on the piano by one of the people of the group and the images are very well chosen.

    Lùna, France - flat 4

    Our task went very well, my flatmates was very cooperative and helpful for the project. My favorite creation was the cooking recipe of the Flat 7, because i like the system of clic on the picture for having the recipe and the pictures of their cake.

    Bryan, France flat-6

    there is a cool cohesion the work we did was really beautiful so it shows even if we live far away we can communicate

    Lilou France flatno6

    I really liked doing my task. It was very cool.
    I really like the other Christmas creations too. They are beautiful and very original, mostly, the Christmas movie with
    the piano because for me Christmas without music is not Christmas. And making music yourself gives a more authentic side and for me it's one of the main ideas of Christmas.
    Our task went well. Everything went well. My correspondents very quickly answered and shared me their drawings.

    Garance, France, Flat n°1

    I love the creation. I think it is the best task since the begining ! I like doing this in smaller groupe. It was a very personal task and it's very cute all the things everybody did. My favorite creation is the movie of the flat n°7 because It was very good and I love the song, it's my "wake up music" every morning. It's very pleasant to work like that and I love the Christmas theme

    Milena, Poland, flat 3

    I really like results of our task. Poems, drawings or cookies are very nice and made with heart. Maybe our cooperation wasn't the best, but I hope that it'll change and it'll only get better.

    Julian, Poland - flat 4

    Our task went very well. I would like to thank my teammates for their work during the task. Book looks wonderfull and I can't decide which art project is my favourite.

    Arthur, france-flat 7

    Our project was trouble by a problem of communications it was an horrible activity and My favorite creation was the recipe of nathan, damien, wiktoria and barbara, I found this recipe to be interesting now i'm hungry.

    Veronika, Slovakia-flat 8

    I really liked this task. We could be creative and create some christmas mood. I like all of the creations because everyone tried their best. And all of them are pretty. I would love to do more of tasks like this.

    Erik, Slovakia - flat 7

    I evalute all our work positively. I worked very well with you. Communication was at a very good level. I really liked the creations. They made me the real Christmas atmosphere.

    Ema, Slovakia, flat 4

    I was so happy when I saw our task. I was in a team with Clém and I just wanna say a big thank you. I was happy to work with her on this assignment. The other creations look so good and our Christmas book is beautiful. I like it a lot :)

    Lukas, Slovakia flat 2

    I think our flat handled the task well i love the paper christmas trees an the painting of the European house which can be in western european culture but also in the central and eastern europe so i like that the house can apply to a lot of cultures {flat no. 2}

    Ján ,Slovakia-Flat 9

    I personally think that everyonen´s creation is very good and pretty. I like all creations. The work which we did is really amazing. I liked the co-operation with my flatmates because everyone was active and helpful and i have new friends from Poland XD

    Barbara, Slovakia - flat 6

    I really like all the creations. Our task went very well. My flatmates are very friendly and helpful. We had no problem with communication on everything we could agree on. I think I liked this task the most.

    Benjamín, Slovakia - flat 1

    I love the creations. I think this task was one of the bests. I really liked the cooperation in our groupe. I like all the creations. Every creation is unique. I enjoyed the work in our groupe.

    Nicol, Slovakia, Flat3

    Our task was to bake a Christmas cake, in my opinion everyone succeeded, all the creations were beautiful. I also really liked the other creations, you were all creative :) The cooperation in our team was not the best, but I hope that over time it will improve and we will understand each other

    Martin, Slovakia - flat 4

    Although we had some communication problems, it was still fun to learn and meet new people. I am so happy that i get to know some good people.


    I like all the creations, the most I like how some of them put in the effort, with the fact that they baked christmas cookies. I also like our group work with photographs on different christmas landscape. The communication between us was a little worse, but i like the end result.

    Kamila, Poland- flat 1

    I'm satisfied with the cooperation. Our task went very well. My flatmates are very helpful and I think that this task I like the most.
    Christmas book is beautiful and I can't decide wich project is the best

    Karin, Slovakia, flat 1

    This task was very fun. I enjoyed working on my Christmas creation, which was writing a Christmas poem with my flatmate Oliwia. I think our flat did very good job with their arts and so did everyone else! It looks incredible together. I think everyone did a wonderful job.


    My impression of my task is good because the music and different draw represent christmas.
    The other creation is very pretty because everyone i find the different idea and everyone in the theme of christmas
    My favorite creation is christmas tree stick of flat 1 because i find this original idea and the christmas tree is very beautiful

    Michaela, Slovakia, flat 8

    I like how our task turned out. We had great communication in our team and I also learned how similiar our cultures are. There were not any problems either.
    I like all the creations of other teams because I can see that there was much effort put in every one of them. It is amazing how much creativity other teams had.

    Daniel, Slovakia - flat 8

    I really like all the creations that were made. It was nice to work with my flatmates. Every creation is unique and great. I really enjoyed doing this task.

    Miro, Slovakia - flat 3

    there were some communication problems but overall it was a nice experience

    Adam, Slovakia flat-5

    I really like the creations that we made, it was a good experience. It was really nice to work with my flatmates.

    Barbora, Slovakia, Flat 7

    I personally think this task was really funny, interesting and creative. Communication in my team was also really good. Everyone got involved and was helpful. There were minor problems within flat7(other teams), but in the end it turn out well. Other creations are truly beautiful. Especially I like those videos and drawings.:)

    Katarina, Slovakia - flat 5

    I think we worked very well together. There was some small problems with comunications but at the end it was ok! All the creations are very good but I really like all the cooking recipes in Christmas book

    Dávid, Slovakia, Flat 4

    My impressions about this task are very good, this assigment was the best from beginning. I really like other creations, they are very good. I like the most Christmas clip from Flat 4, it is very interesting Christmas video. I am satisfied with the collaboration on our task. Our creation is origami. I worked with Cloé and Natália. I want to say big thank you, I was really proud of that we worked on this assigment.

    Kinga, Poland- flat 1

    I think the Christmas assignment was a great integration. I like all the creations. I can't pick one because they are all well made. I'm satisfied with the cooperation. Together with my group, we made gingerbreads.

    Cloé France F4

    I did my creation with David, we did origami,
    it was my idea, I put on the doc some origami already did and just have to choose which one we want to do,
    we sent the results and I did a montage of all.
    The communication was good, we were connected when I needed his help.
    Everything was good thank you David.
    My favorite creation is the gingerbread of flat 7 I think, it look so good.

    Amelia, Poland, flat 2

    Wow! We did a great job together. I like this book very much. All the poems, photos, videos, drawings and cookies look great! Maybe we didn't always work on a regular basis and in harmony, but I think it turned out to be good anyway. Despite the communication problems, it turned out great!

    Julia_Sz, Poland, Flat 6

    I think we worked very well. Minor communication issues aside, our work came out great! All the creations are very nice, I like them :)

    Natalia, Poland - flat 6

    There were some communication problems in our apartment but we managed to do a very good job. All ideas are very interesting and beautiful. However, what caught my attention most were all the Christmas cakes, which really look great and are definitely delicious!

    Roksana, Poland - flat 9

    I think our task went very well. We could learn to collaborate in smaller groups. Maybe, we had a communication problems at times but it was a great time because my flatmates were helpful and very creative. I cant't choose my favourite creation because each is beautiful.

    Barthélémy, France, flat 8

    I like the project and all the tasks are coool. The christmas spirit is represent very well. I like the food for Christmas and for me the better creation is the creation of Nathan and his group with the recipes

    Hugo, France-flat 3

    I am not realy happy about our creation because there are communications problems in the group and I think some people are not really involved in the project. My favourite creation is the creation of Cloé and David because the drawing is very impressive and I think it was really difficult to do . And to finish, the drawing is completly in the Christmas spirit.

    Hugo, FRANCE - flat 7

    in my project there was a communication problem because the initial project was to make a christmas object and our flatemate changed the project and i saw her on saturday. me and arthur did the new project, i sent him an email and he didn't answer me so we weren't able to do the threesome

    Maja Ko, Poland, flat 7

    I really like all the work related to this part of the project. I really liked any Christmas art, poems or Christmas video. I can't choose one of my favorite creation. Each team did a great job!

    Lucien, France- flat 2

    I found the project interesting, too bad that in our group the complete work was not delivered on time. My favorite project is the assembled christmas tree from the flat 1 because, I find it not easy to assemble a design from a distance.

    Candice, France - Flat n°5

    I really liked doing that, sharing a bit of Christmas with our penpal. It was really fun and everyone was working, as always.
    I think my favorite christmas' creation is the card created by the flat n°3. It was really cute and it's really nice because you can give it to the people that you love.

    Nathan France F°7

    Our task was really cool to do as we can eat at the end and our faltmates were very active.

    I really like the creation of the flat n°4 with the Christmax card because I thinks a interactive card it's a very good idea

    Alexis, France, Flat 5

    Our tasks are a mix of christmas traditions, with christmas trees,cookies... I think that we are well in the christmas theme. Everyone has worked well and we have distrubuted the tasks well. I like all the other creations and I don't have a favorite because they are all very good.

    bastien,France flat 8

    Our task went very well, my flatmates was very cooperative and helpful for the project. I choose the video of the flat 4 because I like this creation for the person who play the piano is pretty good.

    Sarah France flat 1

    I think it was funny to share our art with other people, to make different teem in our flat and to do the creations with nice peoples.
    For me it was simple to comunicatand ther were no problems.
    My favorite creation is the christmas drawing of the flat 4 becaus it was so beautiful and a good work with a great idea.

    Zéphirine,France ,flat 9

    I loved drawing.i like their creations because they are different.I like the most the drawings of all the flat especially the christmas trees of the flat one because i think it is a good idea.

    Anas, France

    i like the drawing of the cristhmas three we can see two differnet style of art

    Karolina, Poland, flat 9

    Even if we had some problems I really liked doing this task. It turned great, I love how this Christmas book looks! Every creation is unique and beautiful in its own way!


    I liked our task very much because it’s original, everybody participed and we don’t have a problem. I prefer the creation of flat 5 with the different chrismas trees because it’s very original and it’s the only flat who did it and the chrismas trees are beautiful !;) but I also like the creation flat 4 with origamie because I like the concept.

    Paulina, Poland, flat 9

    In my opinion, all the creations are wonderful! I really don't know which one I like best because they are all beautiful in their own way. I liked the cooperation in my apartment very much. There were little problems with the program in which we were a drawing, but we were manage with this. I'm very happy that I could work with such nice and helpful people. In conclusion, I enjoyed working in smaller groups.

    Lauren, Slovakia - flat 9

    I really like this task. My flatmate is very helpful and friendly. We had no problem with comunication.

    Maja Ka, Poland- flat 7

    I really like our task, although there was a problem with one group of participants and communication with them.there was also a problem with the involvement of some participants.I really enjoyed working with Maja Ko. and Erik, and writing a joint poem with my classmates and Slovaks. I really like all the ideas and can't choose the one I like best.

    Gabriela, Poland, flat 2

    In my opinion, this task was great to integrate better. All the creations were fantastic and unique. I can't choose the best one. There was one problem in my group, but overall everything went fine. I hope there will be no problems with the project in the future.

    Wiktoria Go, Poland, flat 7

    I really ejoy our task, but we have a problem with one team with communication. I think all of the works was interesting and I can't decide which one is the best

    Maja P, Poland- Flat 1

    Our task went very well. I really like all the creation and I can't choose the best one! My flatmates are very helpful and friendly and I really liked the cooperation with them. I think everyone did a good job.

    Satine, France, Flat 1

    I think my project is a good idea and it's funny to realize. My gingerbread is very good and the gingerbread of my team is so beautiful. We have not the same result because I don't understand very well. I think our project and communication is a good so the result is amazing. I'm very happy of this project.

    My favorite project is the Origami of flat 4 because the draw and the collage is well done so the result of their project is incredible. it reminds me of Christmas spirit. I wish you very Christmas and happy new year !!!

    Julka, Poland - Flat 5

    Hello:) Our tasks went very good, we did good job together and i really enjoy working with y'all! I'm really thankfull to my flatmates. I hope we can do more and more creative tasks, thanks to this we can get to know other cultures and more. I totally love the comparison of Polish and Slovak tradicions by Nikola and Micheala form Flat 8, great job. I also want to thank Clement and Candice from France, they buckle down to do our tasks and they're so helpful.

    Tom, France, flat 1

    I think our work is as good as other work but and we worked well together, on the other hand, I am not completely satisfied because I find that our work is not very original. But the work of others is really very beautiful.

    Tom, France, flat 8

    I made the wrong flat in my first comment because I am in flat 8 and not 1, sorry.

    Wiktoria, Poland- flat 8

    I really enjoyed this task. It was good to work with my roommates. All the works are really wonderful and a lot of work has gone into making them. I think there should be more tasks in small groups.

    Alejandro,France flat 3

    Our task are well , we have good ideas and imagination
    I think every task are good and I don't have a likest task

    Maja Cz, Poland Flat5

    Hi, it was so good to work together. I want to thanks my flatmates for doing our tasks. My favourite element in this book is Julka's christmas tree, you did good job Julka.

    Nikola, Poland, Flat 6

    I enjoyed working on our project. It was very entertaining and Informative. I learned a lot about Christmas traditions in Slovakia. I think that other creations were also very interesting and I enjoyed watching them. I like them all but my favourite was Christmas tree drawing by Kamila and Sarah.

    Oliwia, Poland, flat 1

    Our task went very well, it was so fun. We both were so creative and results our work was so good. The communication between us was great, and I'm so happy for this. That was really good experience.

    Wiktoria R, Poland-flat 5

    hi. our work together went very good. im thankful to my flatmates, i hope we'll do more curious tasks. i really like all your poems, it's so creative. also i want to thank Julka, Maja, Oliwka and Maja (Poland), they are really good friends because they always help me with tasks and explain what i have to do.