3- Rules and collaboration

  •     Welcome in your new flatshares!  


    As you all know, it's important to agree on common rules when you share a flat to avoid problems.

    We're sure you have already agreed on practical details such as cooking  and the division of household chores  :) 

    But you probably haven't had time yet to discuss the rules when it comes to communication and collaboration. Those rules are essential to make sure you work efficiently!




    1) Go on the forum and discuss with your flatmates about communication and collaboration rules. You will have to agree on 3 common rules minimum, and post it on the first padlet below.

    2) Choose a name for the eCity. This is a great opportunity for you to show you can follow your rules and make decisions together. You will have to discuss with your teammates by sending twinmails and post the chosen name on the second padlet.

    NB: Make sure you also decide who will be in charge of posting your common decisions and don't forget to write your flat numbers.



  • The rules in our Flats (also in pictures)

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