Evaluation of projects

  • We decided to summarize our project using IT tools. We created an evaluation sheet.
    Questions and results can be seen under the link.

    Teachers - project supervisors


    Evaluation sheet - questionnaire


    All assumed objectives of the project have been achieved:
    1) Pupils integrated curricula.
    2) They developed language, IT, coding and teamwork skills.
    3) Pupils deepened their knowledge of science subjects.
    4) The results of the survey confirm that the issues of biodiversity and climate protection are important for contemporary youth.

    A total of 67 students from all partner schools involved in the activities took part in the post-project evaluation survey.

    The results are shown in the graph.
    1) 100% of pupils increased their knowledge about rainforests thanks to the project.
    2) According to the students, the most popular and interesting task of the project was to create a project song and then to learn about the biodiversity of equatorial areas. The third most attractive activity was the creation of ecological vehicles, thanks to which pupils moved between the areas they got to know.
    Conclusion: interdisciplinary tasks, STEAM were the most attractive for students.


    Cyprus Team:

    Reaching the end of this great project, i'd like to share my thoughts with everyone involved...:)

    Firstly, when i decided to participate with my class in this project (our first one!) everything was new for us and needed time to understand how the thing was working. Thanks to my helpful partners (thanks Tomasz!) everything went fine. After the first few weeks, we realized that we were moving a bit slower than our Polish friends, because we were unexperienced and did not have plenty of time available to work . We also had to overcome difficulties such as lack of computer skills, english language comprehension and browsing the etwinning platform. Despite all these, the project gave us the opportunity to get in touch with foreign educational systems, meet new people, gain basic computer skills, try to express ourselves in English, make our first attempts in coding, work together and learn from each other! Thanks everyone!


    Poland & Cyprus teams

    It was a unique cooperation based on the integration of students with special educational needs and those without such needs.
    The students got to know each other through all the project activities. The teleconference with project partners was extremely successful, creative and well summed up all project events.
    All the objectives of the project were achieved and young people from small villages were involved in eTwinning activities.
    Pupils worked according to the principle: act locally, think globally!