• ZSS Kowanówko

    Congo Biodiversity on the poster of students from Kowanówek.



    ZSS Kowanówko

    Our mat is ready. It presents the vegetation and animals of the rainforest. We organized an expedition in the school's lobby. All students and school staff can admire her and raise awareness of the rainforest.


    ZSS Kowanówko

    We are working on a model of the rainforest. We still have a lot of work to do, but we try!

    ZSS Kowanówko

    Biodiversity in the Congo Basin and rainforests was presented by students in the form of lapbooks.


    What animals live in the rainforest? We met them and saved them in the form of a word cloud.
    Parrots, monkeys, parrots, orangutans, ants, okapi, hummingbirds, iguanas, chameleons.