We act for climate protection

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    This time, while implementing the educational project, we focused on volcanoes. Their significance for the environment and the specifics of the explosions. Therefore, students independently performed an experiment presenting the explosion and ejection of lava from the crater. Earlier, they learned about this phenomenon in a chemistry lesson by watching documentaries on this topic. In mathematics, we compared the size of volcanoes and areas of volcanic areas.




    Szkoła Podstawowa im. Kazimierza Nowaka w Dąbrówce

    How do you clean the water easily?
    The pupils in class 7 used activated carbon, sand and the natural way of flowing through different tanks. In this way, the water contaminated with denatured water was purified as can be seen in the video.

    This method of self-purification - flow of water through various water reservoirs was used in Poznań. The river flowing through the pond system is purified and flows into the Malta water reservoir, where rowing and canoeing competitions take place.

    You can do it too! :)




    Outdoor classes - we work for the climate!

    Team from Cyprus!


    We encrypt messages for our colleagues!
    We act for the climate!




    Kod na Etwining.docx




    Older colleagues educate younger ones how to segregate waste!
    A special ECOpatrol has been created at our school, which will look after the ways of segregating waste in our school!
    The younger colleagues finish drawing the Jungle on Boreno!




    Pupils love chemistry and experience! We talked a lot about the impact of volcanoes on the climate. It is a natural factor affecting the atmosphere of our globe. On the model of Borneo and not only there was an explosion! :) 


    Last week, the students worked locally and thought globally.
    The task of our schools in this project is to educate about climate protection.

    Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our recent struggles.
    Air and climate protection also means waste management. We focused on the problem of bio-waste. The management of bio-waste, including from the food industry, shops and restaurants, solves many problems.
    1) Reduces the number of waste deposited at landfills.
    2) Biogas plants can provide ecological energy.
    3) An ecological fertilizer is created.
    4) There is a diversification of energy supplies - national security.
    5) We protect the climate - we manage methane.
    6) We protect soil and water from pollution from landfills.
    7) We talk about consumerism and sustainable development.

    We are local agents of global change!
    First we had a lesson on the global waste problem, then we learned about the methane fermentation process, in order to design a biogas plant in 3D printing and also to make a model of the biogas plant ourselves in teamwork. We summed up the events with a joint thought map on the role of biogas plants in climate protection and energy production.