Summary STEAM project

  • ZSS Kowanówko

    One of the project's tasks is to create a mock-up. We've already got to work, you have to wait a bit for the effects.


    ZSS Kowanówko

    While preparing to perform the song, we made African decorations on our hands, getting to know the culture of the Congo Basin.



    SP im. Kazimierza Nowaka w Dąbrówce

    Our project summary - STEAM, art, art and biology together. We learned about the biology and ecology of the rainforest in Borneo. We put our knowledge on paper and created a big class poster about the flora and fauna of Borneo.
    Learning in practice. Not only coding, maps and encyclopedias, but also manual work.

  • We re working together!

    Forest & Borneo

    Dąbrówka Team

    We re creating Borneo Forest


    Zakładki do książek z charakterystycznymi wzorami.

    We associate Africa and its inhabitants with beautiful ethnic patterns. That is why we made decorative bookmarks with such motifs.

    ZSS Kowanówko
    Making off - Boreno Forest

    Dąbrówka Team

    Borneo & Jungle

    Our big poster!

    Borneo, Dąbrówka Team

    What organisms live in Borneo?

    Borneo, Dąbrówka Team

    What organisms live in Borneo ?