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    Travel vehicle - Dąbrówka Team

    Tinkercad & coding with our travel machine

    Our machine! Dąbrówka Team

    Our train is driven by a windmill, water turbine and solar panels. Every thousand kilometers there is an interchange and power supply station for our train. A transparent tunnel runs along the equator, and in the tunnel there is a train. Our train accelerates to two thousand kilometers per hour. Animals can also be transported there. When the train stops, people can get in a helicopter and fly away to the nearest island.

    Cyprus TEAM

    Our journey to Amazonia, Boreno and Kongo.

    Cyprus TEAM

    our journey

  • ZSS Kowanówko

    We completed another task. We have built an ecological vehicle for moving in rainforests. First, we planned what we want to create. We collected the necessary materials, assigned tasks and started working. In our opinion, the effect is great.