Map and coding

  • A mind map is a very popular way of saving information, helping to break down data into prime factors and - apparently - activating synergistic cooperation between both brain hemispheres. Coggle helps in creating such unusual "graphs".

    After logging in and completing the short survey, we go straight to the wizard. It remains only to create our tree of thoughts, alone or with invited colleagues.

    Coggle operation is simple, and all the information you need is displayed in the help menu in the corner of the screen. By creating subsequent branches, we can enlarge and reduce them, symbolizing their significance. There are also basic editing options, such as bold and italics. We can add graphics or attach a file to passwords.

    At any time, we can go to full screen to present the created map, share a link or simply save it to disk in PDF or PNG format, but also as .mm, for use in FreeMind. The basic functions of the website are available for free.

    Coggle is an ideal tool for supporters of the mind map concept, with all the necessary options collected in a transparent editor.

    The tool is ideally suited to work with students from the SPE who have trouble remembering and assimilating a large amount of text. Writing notes in such a slogan will definitely make it easier for our students to remember them.

    We used this tool as part of project activities, during which students of Class 7 created a mind map of rainforests. In this creative way they answered why we need rainforests.

    The map can be downloaded in pdf, jpg or shared via a link.

    the maps are automatically saved and can be edited at any time

    The Coggle app is HERE
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    ZSS Kowanówko

    Ozobot is a small robot that can be coded using markers, but also using a tablet application. During the classes, we coded the path of ozobot along the contours of the Congo Basin. You can also do this task.



    ZSS Kowanówko

    The Congo Basin, but also the state was the focus of our interests during the last lessons. We have generated a map of Congo with the help of a map generator. We measured the basin area and sought information about it.
    We suggest using a generator with which you can generate your maps.







    ZSS Kowanówko

    Coding and encrypting information can be fun and learning for students if we choose the right resources. Our students, despite many dysfunctions, learn to code using tablet applications, using educational games, Matting Coding Masters, but also working on printed material, such as work cards.
    As part of the project on environmental protection, we coded words related to the issues discussed for our colleagues from Cyprus and Dąbrówka.
    We invite you to have fun together.

  • We solved the codes made by Kongo Team! :)

    CODE - KO

    Dąbrówka Team

    CODE- KO


    CODE - KO