About the Project

  • The Project and the European Prize

    This project will help our students to reflect on war and peace.

    The product of this project will be handed in for the special task of  European Prize 2016.

    "The European Pupils’ Competition enables students to collaborate across borders. Thanks to support from eTwinning, one of the largest European online platforms for educational exchange, school classes from different countries can work on together. This collaboration will take place within a password-protected online ‘class room’, called TwinSpace. Here, students will have access to various innovative tools such as blogs, chats, online notice boards and many more. In addition to being creative and varied, working with eTwinning also encourages students to develop their skill set in media and languages and fosters intercultural learning.

    It’s definitely worth participating: the best projects have the chance to win cash prizes totaling 8000 Euros! If you have any further questions or are unsure of how to incorporate online tools into everyday school life, eTwinning’s staff members will be happy to assist you. [...]
    To enter the competition though, it will be necessary to engage in an eTwinning partnership of maximal 5 partners and with at least one German school. Closing date is 13 March 2016." (https://www.kmk-pad.org/ew2016.html



    September/October:     What do war and peace mean to us? Discussions in the national teams, roleplays, etc.

                                           Making the project visible: at our schools, in social media, etc

    October:                         Creating the basic version of the songsong

                                           first drawings for the booklet

    November/December   all partners create a stanza in their mother tongue and English

                                           every partner record their part

    January                          creating the final version/mix of the song

    February                        creating booklet/video

                                           videoconference for joint concert? 

    March                             evaluation and application for European Prize



    [each country  will lead the work on a specific topic, all partners contribute]


    Germany                        TwinSpace + basic version of song

    Poland                            Our Peace Tree; CD cover contest

    Portugal                         CD cover contest; contribution to the booklet

    Romania                        trailer + evaluation and help with the application for European Prize

    Spain                              final mix/version of the song