Translation into English

  • Germany:

    Wenn alles hoffnungslos scheint,

    sich nichts auf einander reimt.

    Wenn der Krieg den Frieden frisst

    Wenn man selbst alles Schöne vergisst

    Wenn Meere aus Tränen entsteh'n

    und wir allein im Regen zergeh'n

    In Sicherheit zusammenleben,

    den anderen Menschen etwas geben.

    Damit kein Kind hier nochmals weint

    Frieden in allen Farben scheint


    When everything seems to be without hope

    And nothing makes sense anymore

    When peace is eaten by war

    And we forget all beautiful things

    When seas are formed by our tears

    And we melt lonely in the rain

    Let us live together in peace

    And give something to everyone

    So that no child has  to cry again

    Peace shines in all colours of life



    Ludzie sobie pomagają,

    Zamiast krzyczeć uśmiech dają.

    Pokój radość gości wszędzie,

    Nawet na innym kontynencie.


    Rudy, blondyn, czarny, biały

    Każdy z ludzi jest wspaniały.

    Chińczyk lubi jadać ryż,

    A w Egipcie pachnie anyż.


    Cały świat jest pełen ludzi,

    Nikt na świecie się nie kłóci!

    Każdy umie podać rękę

    I zanucić tę piosenkę.


    Mateusz Sienkiewicz 4B


    All the people help each other,

    They give smile not scream or shout.

    Peace and joy is everywhere,

    On continents all over the world.


    Red or blond haired, black or white

    All the people are nice and fine.

    Chineses like delicious rice

    And in Egypt you smell anise.


    All the world is full of people,

    No quarrels, no shauts, no war!

    Everybody gives you a hand

    And together sing this chant.


    Translated by 4B students



                                                               Un niño en la playa,

                                                              muñeco arrojado al mar.

                                                              Los alambres de la ley

                                                              hieren sus pequeños pies.

                                                              Son vidas, vidas rotas

                                                              que buscan un camino de paz,

                                                              pues han perdido casa, familia

                                                              y el calor de la amistad.

                                                              Caminos que ahora están

                                                              de rojo y lágrimas teñidos.

                                                              Queda la esperanza

                                                              del ansiado final.

                                                              Queda la esperanza

                                                              de un mundo en paz,

                                                              una nueva, nueva era

                                                              en paz, libertad.


    English Translation:                                            

                                                                       A child on the beach,

                                                                      Puppet thrown into the sea.

                                                                      The wire fences of the law

                                                                      Hurt his little feet.

                                                                     Theirs are lifes, broken lifes

                                                                     Which look for a road of peace

                                                                     Since they have lost home, family

                                                                    And the warmth of friendship.

                                                                     Roads that now are

                                                                    Of red and tears coloured.

                                                                    Hope remains

                                                                    Of the longed for end.

                                                                    Hope remains

                                                                    Of a peaceful world,

                                                                    A new, new age

                                                                    In peace and liberty.



    Când fără speranță totul apare,

    Când pacea e spre devorare,

    - Pacea-i spre devorare -


    De unul singur totul se uită 

    Când mările din lacrimi se umflă

    Singuri în ploaie ne topim,

    Generoși cu toții să fim!


    Cartea vieții s-o citești,

    Pacea din ea s-o găsești!

    Distruge pagini cu război,

    Șterge al vieții noroi.

    Translation into English:


    When everything seems hopeless,

    When peace seems it will vanish,

    - Peace to vanish -


    Everything is forgotten when you are alone 

    When the seas of tears grow larger

    Alone in the rain we melt,

    Let us all be generous!


    Read the book of life,

    Find the peace in it!

    Destroy the pages with war,

    Erase the mud of life!