Peace starts with ...

  • When does peace start? What can we start peace with?

    Here you can add your ideas :)

    Peace starts with shaking hands (by Amelia 4B - Poland)


    Peace starts with dancing together (by Ola J 4B - Poland)

    Peace starts with saying HELLO (by Jula T - Poland)

    What about a little game to find out more about our project. (by Team Germany)

    Or print and cut out the letters to create the word peace in all languages of the participating countries (by Team Germany)

    our wall decoration since September

    Peace starts with working together

    Two weeks ago we planned how our Peace Tree would look like. We combined our ideas and today (the 20th October) we worked on creating and 'planting' the tree. Here you can watch a short film - the first part of this activity.

    To be continued

    Our Peace Tree is ready :)



    Peace is... - by Romanian team: