Our Drawings and Posters

  • Against war

    On the 8th January we had a lesson at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews


    where we listened to diaries of Jewish children who survived. Then we made posters against war. The workshop was moving and we learnt a lot about life during the II WW.

    Here is a short video presenting how we worked there.

    Polish team


    Fruitful cooperation with the German team (by Polish team)


    14 Drawings made by the Spanish students

    Polish drawings made by 4B students

    by Olek B


    by Maja S


























    by Maciek K
















    by Mateusz G


     drawings made by Kl.5b/c 

















    drawings made by Kl.7b/c ...our wall decoration since September


    Drawings made by Romanian students:

    1. Ioana Negrea: 





















    2. Andreea Coarfa:

    3. Pavel Mihailescu:

    4. Maria Chitoiu:

    5. Bianca Simuleac:

    6. Alexia Halmaghi:

    7. Vlad Popentiu:

    8. Bianca Marin: