HOTW Challenge 6 - Learning Stories In A Locked Down World


    The final pupil activity for the project is to allow pupils to let their voices be heard.

    All our pupils hve special stories to tell about learning through lockdown. These stories are special and ones that should be shared with one another and with teachers. Not only that, in many years to come, when historians are looking back at this period of time, our students will have left their stories for people in the future to read.

    Sharon created a simple presentation that gave an outline of how students coudl structure their stories. This was shared with pupils to give them an outline of what their story would be. Pupils then used this as a story frame to write their own story with them as the character. 

    Once they had written their story, which could be in their own language, they could draw a picture to go with each slide that would bring their story alive. Pupils could use old fashioned paper and pencil and take pictures and place them on slides in a PowerPoint or similar application. Or, they could type text in Powerpoint and insert images that have preferably been drawn. 


    All finished stories can be found on the our Padlet page Click here to access the Padlet below: 


    Student teachers from University of Dundee, University of Aberdeen and University of Roma are also taking part in the HOTW Challenges.  Students were provided with the following template presentation to guide then through tellign their stories.

    Student Teacher Narratives on the Boat Journey.pptx

    The following is an example of one of the stories that a student at the University of Dundee created.


    All stories can be viewed on the shared Padlet Page: