Music and Makaton Challenge Sessions during COVID-19

  • Sharon is running lunchtime music and Makaton sessions that everyone involved in the project is welcome to join.


    To keep us all connected during these challenging times, online sessions are now taking place where we can all sing as loud as we want with our microphones muted.

    The first session was on Thursday 26th March 2020 at 12 midday GMT.

    We started with some basic signs, 500 miles and Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and also the "I can sing a rainbow" song which is very important now with all the rainbows being displayed in people's windows to express hope for the future.

    Over 20 people joined in to have some fun whilst learning new skills. 

    Even a few technical issues did not stop us....Sharon persevered and soon we were all singing and signing along to the music bringing us all together across countries and bringing some happiness to everyone at this immensely challenging time of the Corona Virus.

    After all the technical hitches, we decided to use Zoom as our way of holding an online session. This proved much easier. Joining details weere posted on our FaceBook group.

    Our second session was held at 18:00 GMT on Sunday 29th March. This was much easier and we all had a great time running through the signs for 500 miles and Perfect. It was a fantastic opportunity to "meet up" with our colleagues from all across Europe and the wider world and to take part in an enjoyable get together.

    The 3rd session took place at 12:00 lunchtime on Monday 30th March. Feeling a little more confident about the singing and signing we all took part once again in a really enjoyable session enabling us all to "get together" at a time when we all need each other the most. 500 miles definitely lifted all our spirits and we are now getting to grips with Ed Sheeran's Perfect.... roll on Wednesday and our next session!!!


    Here are the signs to Verse 1 of "Perfect" so that you can learn them by the next session.

    And here is the chorus:

    Wednesday, 1st April we met online again. These sessions are great for getting us altogether in these worrying times. It is so nice to have half hour of "normality" when we meet "face -to- face" as it were to do something we all feel passionate about; eTwinning and working collabriatively together. Thanks to Sharon, the most enthusiastic members of our team can still continue with the project. It was also lovely to meet many of the students from Dundee University who will hopefully introduce the international dimension into their teaching and learning when they become fully qualified teachers. 

    Here we all are singing and signing away, even the childen got involved:)

    Last session of the week was Friday. We had all been asked to practice our lines. The students were amazing and it was great to welcome newcomers to our sessions. News of the amazing get togethers is obviosuly spreading and everyone is welcome...


    One of the main parts of HOTW iare the songs. Before lockdown, we all started to learn a line in our own language with our Makaton groups in schools.

    Some of us managed to complete the line before school as we know it finished due to COVID-19.

    But, nor every school had time so we had to improvise. Some schools were still in contact with their pupils so they recored during their online classes. 

    Friday 1st May 2019

    For the lines that were still outstanding, we all met on a webinar to rehearse and record. This was a very emotional moment for us all. 

    Sharon also met with her students online and recorded a line.

    Now hopefully, we have all the material we need for Sharon to work her magic and create the final song....

    Here are the photos of the students and teachers meeting on Zoom to practice and record...



    Link to students participation on Twitter


    Am amazing teaching and learning opportunity also took place between a student from Dundee University and pupils in our Hungarian partner school. Emily was able to teach Marina's pupils the Makaton signs during a fantastic webinar session.

    An incredible teaching and learning opportunity for everyone involved..

    Click HERE to see the recording of the session.