Teddy Teaches The World To Sing

  • eTwinning Travelling Ted is off on an excursion to visit his eTwinning partner schools.

    Teddy will travel from country to country taking a song/rhyme from that country.

    Mrs Sanders explains the Teddy project in  more detail:


    Schools signed up to this activity by adding their details to the Google spreadsheet below. Teddy started his journey by arriving in Wales and  spending some time initially with the pupils at Ysgol Hendrefelin.

    The song that Teddy learnt during his time with us was "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Teddy will also learn "I Can Sing a Rainbow" with the colours in Welsh and the Makaton sign language. 

    After Christmas, he left his Welsh friends to continue his adventures around Europe. The sign up sheet for this activity is included below.



    Our first task was to think of a name for our travelling Teddy. Have a look at what we came up with...  

    Here is a video of Teddy so you can see what the bear looks like. 


    Here are some ideas we had from:

    Croatia(Osnovna škola Antun Gustav Matoš ): Fluffy, Oreo, Medo Brundo;

    Ukraine (Obroshyno Lev Shankovskyi School,): Angel, Fluffy, Lucky

    Bulgaria (OU Hristo Botev): Misha, Metcho, Yury

    Wales (Ysgol Hendrefelin): Berry, Dave, Nicola, Barry, Alvin, Bernard, Sweetie, Dewi

    Turkey (Hasan Atlı Secondary School ): Teddor, Teddy the traveller

    Scotland (Birkhill Primary): Rocky, Cookie, Coco, Chocolate, Paddington

    Greece (Jeanne d' Arc school): Teddy,Lucky,Twintrotter

    Poland (Szkoła Podstawowa w Czersku): Jack, Bernie, Hanna

    England (Mayflower Primary): Goa, Grizzly, Strawberry, Banana

    England (Loreto Grammar School): Intrepid Ted, Polar (the explorer bear), Hit the Road Ted, Goa

    Spain (INS Ponts): Baloo

    We all took a vote using the link below:




    When a school received the teddy, the aim was that they tried to sing the song in teddy's language. They then "taught" teddy a song in their own language and posted him off to the next school. The recording was then sent off to the next school as a QR code in teddy's backpack. 

    Teddy took part in any school activities e.g. lessons, school trips etc. with the pupils during the visit. These were recorded via photos and videos which were added to the travelling blog. This blog enabled us all to understand more about each other and see inside our schools and experience the areas we live in. 

    This activity also changed due to the COVId-19 lockdown and school closures. By this point Rocky had reached Leicester and spent time with the pupils at Mayflower Primary School. He then managed to travel on to Scotland and visited 3 teachers there with the clues being made from home as due to social distancing, Rocky could not be with pupils in the classroom. Instead, clues as to what subject or area Rocky was in were posted to the project Facebook group and the blog and shared with pupils by teachers posting to their individual school learning platforms and the staff and pupils adding their answers via Answer Garden or Menti Meter to create a visual word cloud. This proved very successful. The activity took on a new dimension and covered many aspects of the curriculum including Literacy, digital skills, geography and global citizenship. We managed to keep the original Rocky British Council Bear travelling around the UK and also added to the family with teachers using their own version as Rocky's extended family when Rocky could not actually travel due to restrictions. 

    All of Rocky's travels are documented in the blog below which acted a visual tool to follow what the Rocky and his family were doing on a daily basis.