HOTW Challenge 2 - Rainbow

  • This second HOTW challenge is to draw a picture of a rainbow and say and sign RAINBOW.  Follow the steps below to complete the challenge.

    STEP 1

    Draw a picture of a rainbow.  Here are some examples made by Miss Gillespie.

    STEP 2

    Watch the following video and learn the sign for rainbow.  


    Try to say/ sing and sign rainbow in english and your own language - remember to say the words too.

    STEP 3

    Take a video of you standing beside your picture or holding ir whilst saying and signing Rainbow in your own language and English.  Everyone is welcome to be part of the video, even your dog!

    Please note, your video should be short so that it does not take up a lot of digital space.

    Here is Miss Gillespie saying and signing Rainbow.

    STEP 4

    Go to the padlet page below and post your video on the page.  

    You will need to place in the title your name, the name of your school/ University and the name of your country.

    Place some text to say what you enjoyed about this challenge.

    Please note that your video/ picture will not appear immediately as it needs to be approved.

    The padlet page to see share your video is here:

    STEP 5

    Are you able to take the Chilli challenge and learn the Rainbow Song?  If yes, watch this video and learn the signs of the song I Can Sing a Rainbow.

    If your are able to say the colours in your own language that would be wondrful to hear.


    STEP 6

    Record yourself singing and signing the song, preferably in yoru own language, and share on the padlet page.  If your vieo is too large, speak to your teacher about how to upload safely online so that it can be shared with everyone.