HOTW Challenge 3 - Bear Hunt

  • This challenge was made due to many people in UK placing teddy bears in their windows so that children could go on a bear hunt when taking their daily exercise.  

    Here is a video of how to sign the story:

    There are four chilli challenges that you can do.  Go to the padlet page and decide which one you would like to try and share:

    On Monday 6th April, Sharon organised a webinar for project members to learn the signs to the famous children's book "We're going on a bear hunt".

    It was such an enjoyable session and I think we all had such fun learning the signs to go with the story...

    Here we are taking part in the webinar and signing as we go!!!



    In Ysgol Hendrefelin, Mrs Sanders asked all the staff to get involved in sending their teddy bear photos. Some of the pupils and friends and family also got involved..


    Staff, pupils, family and our eTwinning and Erasmus partners from other projects all joined in the challenge to draw a teddy bear and sign the different challenges from this week's challenge.

    Have a look at what we got up to...