• HOTW: Can You See What We Say is a unique and inclusive intercultural project that unites learners from around the world through music and Makaton.  In the following short video, Sharon Tonner-Saunders explains why she created HOTW.

    Pedagogical innovation and creativity were at the heart of HOTW.  The following presentation provides information about:

    •  Goals and aims of the project;
    •  The journey of the project from the destination (initial plans/ scheme of work), sailing across a sea that hit a storm (learning activities and changes) to the final destinations (the many completed activities).

    Curricular intergration was rich and diverse in this project due to the age range spanning from 3 years to 18+, many different levels of abilities, cultural difference within curriculums and pedagogical approached alongside the many differerent teachign and learning contexts.  The following presentation provides information about:

    •  how the project integrates into different countries' curriculums;
    •  the rich interdisciplinary learning within the project;
    •  the Pedagogical approaches used throughout the project.

    Collaboration between partner schools permeated all aspects of the HOTW project.  The following presentation provides an insight into the rich collaborative learning opportunities the project offered learners and teachers.

    The use of technology was a key aspect of the project to enable learning across time and space, communication and collabration alongside creating and sharing.  The following presentation provides an insight into the Digital technology that was used throughout the project.

    All staff and pupils who participated in the project were invited to take part in an evaluation looking at each part of the project and also to give their ideas and pupil voice on what activities they would like to improve the project as we move towards planning HOTW3!!

    The results and impact of the project were:


    All teachers involved in the project were asked to record a short clip on what the impact of HOTW had been on them and their students. This is their testimonial video.


    Dissemination of the project is very important to all members and partner countries. the following Sway explains in more detail how this was carried out.


    The project has won various awards in many schools in different countires.  All schools and pupils in the project are proud to share their awards in the following presentation.