HOTW Songs: A Million Dreams

  • HOTW collaborative songs are created by pupils from around the world.  Each school is assigned a line/s from a song which they record themselves singing and singing.  The lines are sent to Sharon Tonner-Saunders at the Unviersity of Dundee who knits them all together to create one song made by many hands around the world.

    The first song title was released in February 2020 with many schools signing up.  The plan was to have two versions: one in English and one in each countries' language so that we could hear what the lovely words in different languages.  Due to COVID-19, well placed plans had to be changed and barriers had to be broken down to enable the Million Dreams song to be completed.

    The journey that we all undertook to get to the final destination was challenging, however, as a commited team we made it. The following presentation provides a rich insight into this journey with the stories behind each line of the song shared by each teacher.  It is worth reading the blog post and teacher stories before listening to the final song as it maps the jouney rather than share the destination.



    On Friday 19th June, pupils, teachers and student teachers came online to sing and sign a live performance of Million Dreams.  


    The information below was what originally was provided to schools about the Million Dreams Song.

    Song 1: Million Dreams

    Our first song is the popular Million Dream song from The Greatest Showman.  The reason this song was chosen was that it is about us all having a dream that we can be someone or do something no matter what our backgrounds are and what challenges we are faced with. 


    The following presentation has information about how to learn and record the song.