Learning Together

  • Hands of the World is unique in that it involves learners of all ages and stages in their lives from kindergarden children through to student teachers and experienced teachers.

    Learning together, across time and space, is not restricted to young learners.  During the project, student teachers and teachers have had opportunites to learn from one another through webinars that Sharon Tonner-Saunders organises and runs. The aim of these courses are to enable student teachers to learn about intercultural learning and other topics from experienced practitioners invovled in the project.

    These webinars have been very successful with student teachers from the University of Dundee, University of Aberdeen and Roma Tre University coming together to learn from practitioners.  These webinars have been very popular due to student teachers, and teachers, being able to watch them either live or at a time that suits them (via the recording of the webinar).  This has proved extremely valuable during the Covid-19 Lockdown, where, learning from one another has provided a much needed focus in a time of isolation.

    The following are the learning webinar opportunties that were availabe to student teachers and students.  These webinars had intercultural learning at the heart of them with webinars four and five focusing on topics that student teachers had requested.