Polish-German Coronatime Chat 30.03.2020

  • On 30th of March 2020 students from Germany and Poland met to talk about the special time they are at now: it is their national/world quarantine caused by COVID-19 virus.

    It was a great experience to learn what our Friends from Germany are doing now, share our worries and hopes together. As together (though separated now) we are strong.

    Anna Pławecka, teacher from Poland


  • Place your photos and impressions.

    international chat

    We talk about food, Easter and coronavirus time. It was great.

    Natalia Oprocha

    I had a really good time with German students. At the beginning no one knew what to write, but then the conversation went very well. I"m looking for the next interaction.

    Chat with German Students Fabian S.

    We meet our friends from Germany and chat with them for a while. We talked about how we spend "coronatime" and about other topics. It was a great opportunity to ask how it is in another country and revise some English words.

    Polish and German meeting

    We had a chat meeting. It was awesome we talked about food, watching series, coronavirus and spending our freetime. I learned new word it is "knitting" very useful word in a conversation. Wiktoria Lewaczek

    Mikołaj Michalik

    That was very interesting, we talked a lot about food and everything. I hope we will meet again.

    Julia Trzaska - Chat with German students

    We met our friends from Germany and we talk about food and how we spend coronatime. The conversation was very well. I can't wait for next meeting.


    I spent a really good hour on talking with German people. At the beginning nobody knew what to write but then we started conversation about the present situation in the world and then about food.

    Natalia Pułtorak

    We meet today our friends from Germany. We talk about food, Easter and how we spend time during quarantine. It was very interesting.

    Internation Chat JACOB GĘBALA

    I was talking with my friends from germany and i met really nice people.


    i'm soo glad after our online meeting with persons from other countries it was great spend time while those meet we exchanged some information about our intrests, food which we like and other staff for example how looks like our time spending when we are apart from other people. i wish that we will make that kind of study more often becous its such great occasion to increase our language abilities

    Marcela Stalmarska

    It was a successful meeting. We got to know a lot about our friends from Germany and how they spend this difficult time.