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  • Show us where you live and learn!

    Use the board below to show us a photo of a spot from your hometown that you like. Explain what it is and why you like it.

    Next, take a photo of your school and tell us something about it.

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  • Where we live and learn!

    My hometown

    This is the town who i live. In this photo it is winter. I live now 16 years in this town. My fav. spot is in the forest and my home :). I go to a other town to School.

    my town

    This is my hometown :)
    on the picture you see my favorit spot in Hagen .
    Its a lake but it is not so esay to get there.
    But the spot is for the most peopel secret.
    I like this place so much.
    In the sommer I go swimming ther too.
    Michelle ­čÖé

    My Hometown

    I live in Hagen and my favorite spots are in the Forest, the basketball field in the Park and some more. I like the places because i link it with my Friends and fun.

    HOMEtown.. Vivi Kapoula

    I live in Hagen as well. The part of the city I live to is called "Berchum", Is kind of small and everybody knows each other. My favorite place is my home and especially my balcony. I love cooking a meal and enoy it there, alone or with friends and family!


    My favourite place is my home becauce I live there with people I love


    Hagen is my hometown and I like it, because there is a lot of
    showplaces in the shop center.



    My favorite place in my city is the city center because there are a lot of shopping malls where you can buy clothes, food or jewelry. It is also a good place where you can meet with your friends.

    My favorite place -Jonis

    I love playing football it is my number 1 hobby , I also play in a team , It's called Herdecke . You can see our football field , we train and play our matches there and sometimes I just go play for fun with my friends . I think it will never get boring and I'm happy with that.

    My Hometown

    I life in Hagen, Germany. My city is kinda small but big enough for many people, also me. Our city has 2 Shopping Centers and some small Shops around so it is not that much but okey.

    David Y.

    My favourite part in my hometown Hagen is the Stadtgarten(city garden).
    I used to be often there and not Long ago they opened an asian all you can eat restaurant.

    Steve F.

    This is favourite place in my town. My Home there I can eat, sleep and Game.


    The city center is my favorite place because when I'm with my friends we have much choices where we can go. I and my best friend go often to the library saying that we will study but in the end we start to play and do stupid things.

    My hometown - Yiostina and Elpida

    This is our hometown. This is the park where we usually go and spend time alone or with our friends. This park relaxes us a lot and we really like it .

    My hometown.

    This is where I live. This is an ancient castle and it is very close to my school!

    My Hometown

    I live in a small town called hagen in Germany.Hagen has many Beautiful Monuments such as the Hohensyburg,3 T├╝rme weg or more.We also have two shopping malls in the city.We have many and delicious Shops to eat for example Pan Pizza,hans im Gl├╝ck or much more.
    I don't like Hagen because it'a a small city and there don't have nice clothes Shops.


    My school

    This is the school K2 in Hohenlimburg ,my first impression is that the lessions are interessting, and what we learn in our lession is verry important for the life later.Also we learn many specielly about the direction Commercial Olivia

    Fabian S.

    My favorite place in my hometown is shooting range. I like going there with my friends, chill out and shot to the target. We love rivalry between each other and have fun doing it. Shooting is my second hobby and I use to go on every competitive shooting, I even manage to win two of them and score a second place on 3-rd one.

    Olga Halkidou

    This is where students hang out after school! It also has many stores and cafes as well as restaurants!


    Helo... I am living in the capital of GREECE, Athens with other 5 million people.. .. It's actually a good city, if you have friends and there are plenty of places and activities to do.... Also we have great traditional foods here(like souvlaki, which is unfortunately dropped its quality, but steel tasty thow)... If you have the time and energy to do activities, here is the best city of the country...
    P. S. We may have more than enough problems to deal with, but in this country we always have a way to enjoy our time ­čśŐ­čśŐ


    this is how our city looks from up high! I believe it's the most attractive part of our city and you can spend your free time there!

    My City

    night view of my city from up high. watching the city lights at night is my favourite thing to do to get away from reality.

    Anastasia Foustouridi, Greece.

    My favourite place-Thanasis

    So that's the square right outside my house. I know it might seem like no big deal at all but it's one of my favourite places, mainly because of how peaceful and beautiful it is. A perfect place for me whenever I need to relax a bit :)

    My favourite place-Apostolis

    That's one of my favourite places. I really like to hang out with my friends there whenever I can.

    My Town [Nikiforos]

    This is my town square, it's not that big but nice.It has some really cool cafe-bars where we hang out after school.


    This is a photo of my best spot in my hometown. This is pond called Groble. I love spending my free time there alone or with my friends. In the summer we always ride a bike there.

    Wiktoria L My town

    This place is called Gr├│dek. This is one of the most beautifull space in Jaworzno. Some of people called ''Polish Maldives''. I like to go there by bike and look at the perfect blue water.


    I want to show you my place of residence - Zag├│rze. It is a small village located 30 minutes from Jaworzno.


    This place is near my neighborhood and I spend much of my spare time there because it is so quiet and the view from up there is just gorgeous!

    Beautiful little lakes

    This is place called Łęg. Łęg is a group of mini lakes located in forest, very near to my house. I very like cycling there.

    Natalia O

    This is cinema called 'SZTUKA' in our city. I really enjoy going there to watch new films or series.


    in the picture you can see a market in my home town i really like this place because it"s good place to met with friends eat something tasty

    Agnieszka B.

    My favorite place in Jaworzno is the Sosina water reservoir. In the holiday and navigation season, you can rent a boat or pedal boat and have a good time.

    Natalia Pułtorak

    In the picture we can see sports hall. I really love this place because I train there and I can de-stress. Every day several volleyball and basketball teams train there.

    Mikołaj M.

    It is a shoping centre in Jaworzno. There is a lot of shops like Reserved, 4F, Diverse. Galena is a great place to spend time with friends. There is a lot of places where you can eat something. There is the best gym in Jaworzno

    Julka Trzaska

    This is a tiny part of my city, here I meet my friends and waiting for the bus after school :)


    That is a market square in my city i enjoy that place there i meet with my friends and eat something outside home.


    It's an area where you can dive. It's amazing place for go for a walk ;)

    Marcela S.

    In my city is a lot of forest. I really like walking there with my dog.

    my hometown isi

    This is the town who I live. Hagen. Hagen is not soo Beautiful, because the city is degenerate. A lot of places are very dirty. But for this there are some nice place, for example the quarry in Hohenlimburg or the hengsteysee.

    My favourite place

    my favourite place is the Hengsteysee . It is a beautiful natur place reservoir between Hagen and two other cities. the lake has a very nice view from many perspectives and he is a cool place to make party or chill on a bank with friends and family. the lake is wonderful to all seasons. Above the lake on a mountain is a monument called *Hohensyburg*. there you can chill and look down on the lake and enjoy a nice view. I love it!!!! Daniela W.

    My hometown

    I live in Breckerfeld. This is a small town which is near Hagen. By car, is Hagen about 30 minutes away. The city is quite rural and way smaller than Hagen (approximately 9300 inhabitants). There are only three grocery stores, four hair stylists, two nail studios and one drug store, so if you want to go shopping you should rather go to another town like Hagen or L├╝denscheid. I kind of like the tranqulity and it is really practical that I can reach all of my friends by foot.

    My Hometown

    in this picture you see a black and white house this is my home. I don't live like normal people in a house, I live in a restaurant that is sometimes very prakish. as you can see in the picture, I live right next to an outdoor pool and indoor pool, which is also very practical, as I like to go swimming. -Anna

    My hometown

    This is my favorite place in my hometown. In the evening I often walk with my dog to this spot to watch the sunsets and photograph them.

    Hagen, Germany

    I┬┤ts really great here! I love to hang out with my friends at many places, for example the city. Here are living many different nationalities and it┬┤s always exciting to look at their outfits like for example bulgarian women. But it can be also really dangerous here, because of the drunk people at the train station or the other scary things.

    My hometown

    This is Schalksm├╝hle my hometown ,is more like a small Village .Schalksm├╝hle is verry rustic and silent. There are a lot of animals for example cows. Schalksm├╝hle don't have many Shops.

    My city

    I live in Hagen, a small town I moved to 4 years ago. Although quite small, there are plenty of nice things to see and visit. My two favorite places are, the center of city with two shopping malls, verious shops, fast food restaurants and parks that have a lot in Hagen. I often go out there with my friends, because we prefer to spend time in places where there are not many people. In my opinion, Hagen is a nice little town, but the city where I was born is a lot nicer :)