"Politics is sexy"

  • Create an interest in politics among young people

    by Wiktoria, Lukasz, Jakub (PL), Sarah, Marija, Paraskevi (D), Michalis, Argyris, Irene (GR)

    This task is part of the project of the 67th European Competition with the topic: "EUnited - Europe connects". We prepared short video film in which we express our thoughts about participation of young people in politics and saying why their contribution is important. We would like to encourage young people to take part in political life by our actions. We want to share with whole world the thought that everyone should be involved in politics because it concerns all humans.

    We started our group work from contact with other countries: Germany and Greece. Our school in Poland made a short film about 'why politics is important and why young people should be more involved in politics?'.  We began from make ideas why and for what young people should be more involved and make a plan of our video. Next step was sit down on a couch and start to record our common opinion. There was a lot of laugh and mistakes, but we did it and we are proud of our work together. Then we sent it to German and they made complete video that you can see under topic :politics is sexy

    We started our work in contact with other countries:  Germany and Poland. Our school in Greece made some short clips about "why politics is sexy". We asked a few questions some of the students of our school, we edited our own film and we send the clips to our Polish and German partners. The main goal was to find out if teenagers like us are concerned about politics in Greece. We had a great time during filming those clips (the bloopers were more than the actual footage), but we are actually very pleased with the result!

    And the final product is:


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