"Unity in Diversity"

  • No nationalism in Europe

    by Agnieszka, Marcela, Emilia (PL), Natalie W., Sinora, Viktoria, Michelle (D), Antoun, Felicia, Chris (GR)




    In our age this is a very important topic.
    We are exposed to this subject every day, even if we hardly notice it.
    In school or in the city somewhere we are dealing with nationalism, racism and discrimination every day.

    In this picture you see our earth twice.
    On the right are people who think their country is better.
    on the left are people who stick together and realize that life is better and nicer when they just doesn't argue.


    Nationalism is a very important topic for students because now that we will become active citizens we will face nationalism,  racism and discriminations and their consequences, so we should be informed about it and ready to face situations. 

    For those reasons we must know the positive and negatives aspects of nationalism.

    Our perspectives for the future are that all citizens,countries and nations will forget their differences among them . Maybe it's good for someone to love his country but not to be fanatic nationalist.

    For these reasons we have made posters and  sent photos to  our polish and german classmates so that they can edit them.  

    „Unity in Diversity” Agnieszka, Marcela, Emilia (PL), Natalie W., Sinora, Viktoria, Michelle (D), Antoun, Felicia, Chris (GR) This is summary of the Polish group’s work. In team : Agnieszka BuĊ‚awa, Marcela Stalmarska, Emilia Moycho. We completed our task, which is the part of 67th European Competiton - under the slogan „EUnited - Europe connects”. We prepared short comic about value of agreement, acceptance and diversity. Our group wanted to convey you, that despite different cultures and traditions, we are all humans. At the begining of our cooperation, Polish group tried to get along with ours outlander mates. That was very diffucult part of our work. After all, we based on the ideas of whole group „Unity in Diversity”. We created a chat on Facebook, where we discussed the details of our final work. We had lots of ideas, it was hard to decide. Now we can show to you our short comic.

    And the main characters of our comic strip are:


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