International teamwork

  • In the next part of our project you are going to work in international teams on the topics that came up in your discussion.

    The teachers will help you get organised in teams of equal size. Hopefully you can all find a topic that you would like to work on.

    Your task is to create a Blueprint for Europe regarding your topic.

    What is a blueprint?

    According to the website this is the defintion:

    1. A contact print of a drawing or other image rendered as white lines on a blue background, especially such a print of an architectural plan or technical drawing. Also called cyanotype.
    2. A mechanical drawing produced by any of various similar photographic processes, such as one that creates blue or black lines on a white background.
    3. A detailed plan of action.
    4. A model or prototype.

    So your task is to find a creative way of showing other young people how important the EU is for us. You can make a drawing, a plan of action, a model or maybe a film ... The only condition is: It must be a project made by pupils from all three countries.

    Use the discussion forums to exchange ideas and decide what your product is going to be.

    Topic/Group Pupils Forum

    "Make Europe great again!"

    Spread knowledge about the EU among young people

    Poland: Mikołaj Michalik, Kamila Wilk

    Germany: Jalnk, Jonis, Francesca, Olivia

    Greece: Yostina, Elpida, Nikiforos

    Forum 1

    "Everybody is okay."

    Promote acceptance among young people

    Poland: Natalia Pułtorak, Ola Osmenda, Fabian Suchan

    Germany: Steve, Natalie E., David, Helena

    Greece: Anastasia, Katerina, Eleni, Olga

    Forum 2

    "Unity in Diversity"

    No nationalism in Europe

    Poland: Agnieszka Buława, Marcela Stalmarska, Emilia Moycho

    Germany: Natalie W., Sinora, Viktoria, Michelle

    Greece:Antoun, Felicia, Chris

    Forum 3

    "Europe for Future"

    Save Europe's environment

    Poland: Natalia Oprocha, Julia Trzaska

    Germany: Daniela, Anna, Isi, Lena

    Greece: Loukas, Panagiotis, Thanos, Apostolis

    Forum 4

    "Politics is sexy!"

    Create an interest in politics among young people

    Poland: Wiktoria Lewaczek, Łukasz Sroka, Jakub Gębala

    Germany: Sarah, Marija, Vivi (Paraskevi)

    Greece: Michalis, Argyris, Irene

    Forum 5