"Europe for Future"

  • Save Europe's environment

    by Natalia, Julia (PL), Daniela, Anna, Isabella, Lena (D), Loukas, Panagiotis, Thanos, Apostolis (GR)

    Our group did a short film and presentation about future of Europe. We recorded a movies about beautiful places in our country and connected it toghether. Now we have an exciting film about most beautiful places in Europe. Our topic is "Europe for future" so we decided to show other people how amazing it is and tried to convince people to protect and take care about Europe becasue we have incredible places here.


    We think that saving the environment is extremely important to all of us as it constitutes our common habitat. There’s no planet B so it is our duty to protect it in any way possible.  We think that we should try  to organize some kind of charity in order to mobilize more people to take part in philanthropic actions in order to protect our planet.


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